Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Show #330

February 19th, 2013

the capes and masks - intro
sandy nelson - teen beat '65 
roscoe weathers quintet - echoes
dale hawkins - susie q
wes dakus and the rebels - surfs you right
shelltones - blue castaway
bill haley and his comets - oriental rock
johnny james and his invictas - mister twister
the sound breakers - marooned
asian pop (trk3)
les tetes blanches - ramrod
r l burnside - the criminal inside me
keray regan - vibratin'

charles wright  and the watts 103rd street rhythm band - express yourself
musarrat nazir - haye we meri
chambers brothers - funky 
dr jeckel - genius rap
matthew dear - neighborhoods
captain beefheart - she's too much for my mirror, my human gets me blues

can - yoo doo right
orthodox - el lamento del cabron
moss - tomb of the blind drugged 
extreme noise terror - in it for the music number 2