Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Show #226

December 28th, 2010
small stone - colored girls
chachi on acid - billy holiday in cambodia
andre williams - hall of fame
beast mode - deadly weapon
vex'd - fallen
rene hell - prize mischief hold
quest for fire - greatest hits by god, sessions of light
electro guzzi - elastic bulb
chachi on acid - spring beasts of death
andre williams - ain't no such thing as good dope
simon sound - baker's dozen
flying lotus - mmm hmm
coco bryce - bit crushing
slugabed - pressure
black bug - mental ray
kupa - chango island
daega sound system - kane's son
robot koch - gorom sen (loops haunt rmx)
pangaea - dead living
abstract elements - abysmal depths, wrong way
seven & elvee - step into a dream
dj zinc - jekyll 'n' hyde
doctor p - gargoyle
robot koch - gorom sen (shlohmo rmx)
ironska - a flower under wulai mountain
mdh - stopshake
satisima virgen maria - untitled track 1 (3)
pjd - night train (blackcode rmx)
malicious - the infinite
mental express - mycellium
noisia - machine gun (amon tobin rmx)

Well, I screwed up! This was my best of 2010 show & I planned to play this during the first hour & forgot to, so honourary mention goes to:

Off! - "Peace in Hermosa", from "The First 4 EPs"
O e Y N " )

Show #225

December 21st, 2010

Download it here!

5,6,7,8's - harlem nocturne
smoasp - detour
jon wayne - but i've got texas
smoasp - hunter s. thompson's younger brother
ollie strong - day dreaming
johnny rusk - hard to handle
tygers of pan tang - love potion number 9
thin lizzy - toughest street in town
anthrax - in my world, keep it in the family
thin lizzy - s&m
branford marsalis - wrath of tain
burial - wounder
smoasp - having an average weekend
ollie strong - blue bonnet rag
smoasp - misty
5,6,7,8's - oriental rock
jon wayne - texas funeral
bull moose jackson - big 10 inch record of the blues
neal hefti - batman theme
elliot fisher - our man flint
carl perkins - honey don't
mystery trio - willie joe
johnny & the shy guys - moondawg
scott mckay - bad times
dillinger - tickle me
mark pritchard - elephant dub
earth - bureaucratic desire for revenge
joji yuasa - projection esemplastic for white noise
metallica - one
truants - sunset surf
? & the mysterians - are you for real
sonny wallace - black cadillac
perez prado - mambo #5
wanda jackson - fujiyama mama
jack fascinato - spring sprang sprung
ronald coyne - plastic eye miracle
O e Y N " )

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Show #224

December 14th, 2010

Download it here!

lil marcy - o say but i am glad
joe hunter - swiss boy
joe wilder quintet - a quiet gass
gutter demons - day of the dead
coco - keep movin'
sade - turn my back on you
mountain - dreams of milk & honey
venom - in nomine satanas
dayglo abortions - scared of people/black sabbath
venom - warhead
dayglo abortions - i want to be east indian
mountain - flowers of evil
university of utah choruses - auctoritas eum
hal roach - i think i'm having one of my turns
joe wilder quintet - brief & breezy
joe hunter - moonlight & roses
lil marcy - wiseman & the foolish man
hank engle - rockin' around with you
milt buckner - the beast
stick mcghee & his buddies - one monkey don't stop no show
avengers six - time bomb
davie allan - ufo
don woody - bird dog
danny & the galaxies - if you wanna be my baby
james brown - pass the peas
trinity - 3 piece suit
clifford gilberto - deliver the weird
moss - skeletal keys
orthodox - arrodillate ante madera y la piedra
eskamon - fine objects
john cage - williams mix
ran-dells - martian hop
tornadoes - scalping party
mac curtis - that ain't nothin but right
billy gayles - i'm tore up
southern culture on the skids - meximelt
link wray - switchblade
lou busch & his orch. - cool
paula watson - i love to ride
Now enjoy Johnny Rusk @ The Seattle Airport Hilton!
O e Y N " )

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Show #223

December 7th, 2010
Download it here!
handsome devils - cool as a corpse
kustom 45 - 2x4
atomic 7 - cold black dead heart polka
sidewalk sounds - billy jack's theme
asian pop lp - "farewell"
brothers johnson - you make me wanna wiggle
kenny g - midnight motion
led zeppelin - we're gonna groove
ac/dc - go down, dog eat dog
led zeppelin - poor tom
country funk - comin' in
bobby dukoff chorus - should i
asian pop lp - "no one but you"
sidewalk sounds - loser's bar
handsome devils - el tigre
kustom 45 - i got the lonesome blues
atomic 7 - swingers ear
esquivel - sentimental journey
nelson riddle - theme from route 66
royaltones - holy smokes
roy brown - let the four winds blow
tony casanova - yeah come
hank mizell - jungle rock
long john hunter - hey mrs. jones
teemates - walk, don't run '64
prince jazzbo - 3 wise shepherds
roots manuva - witness rmx
bomb the bass - beat dis
bernard parmegiani - en phase
filastine - opium den
sir lord baltimore - kingdom come
acid mothers temple - dark side of the apocalypse
hawkwind - hurry on sundown
the bug - poison dart rmx
beecher hickman - hey blues
bobby wall - baby, it's too much
jack scott - leroy
wynonie harris - i want my fanny brown
line renaud - sexe
viceroys - moasin'
esquivel - latinesque
brothers johnson - stomp!
O e Y N " )

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Show #222

November 30th, 2010
shig & buzz - s.p.e.c.t.r.e.
donn reynolds - let the rest of the world go by
tav falco - snatch it back
snfu - kitchen kreeps
franz lambert - i want to know what love is
rob liddell - rain dance
voivod - clouds in my house
black earth percussion group - amores
black sabbath -war pigs,
voivod - panorama
black sabbath - paranoid
black earth percussion group - take that
alfred drake - rahadlakum
snfu - beautiful unlike you and i
rob liddell - disco jug
donn reynolds - in the blue canadian rockies
tav falco - bourgeois blues
hillbilly soul surfers - peter gunn's hideaway
john buzon trio - caravan
marvin & johnny - yak yak
beecher hickman - hey blues
junior wells - i could cry
cornells - beach bound
johnny restivo - the shape i'm in
sleepy labeef - all the time
monacles - i can't win
king tubby - loving dub
nahid akhtar - dil woh bhi larki ka
pierre schaeffer - etude aux chemins de fer
daft punk - aerodynamic
jungle brothers - i'll house you
cannibal corpse - scalding hail
ufo encounters
cannibal corpse - priests of sodom
metallica - trapped under ice
perplexa - divide
daft punk - one more time
O e Y N " )

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Show #221

November 23rd, 2010
Download it here!
dirty blues band - she's the one
webley edwards - some enchanted evening
les hou lops - oh no
tav falco - ooh, how she dances
al bruno - spinning wheel
sparks - everybody is stupid
grand funk - got this thing on the move
kid koala - radio nufonia
bad brains - i (live)
ufo encounters
les chantels -shaggy baggy joe
tony casanova - the grave
pastel six - twitchin'
mercy baby - pleadin'
ella mae morse - the house of blue lights
four gators - wine o wine
sonics - busy body
wire - three girl rhumba
babe rainbow - screwby
pauline oliveros - bye bye butterfly
death - zero tolerance, symbolic
severe severe - attractions
wire - ex-lion tamer
jah stitch - make a joyful noise
danny zella & the zell rocks - sapphire
billy miranda - go ahead
lynn pratt - they're learning
charles clark - hidden charms
freddy cannon - tallahassie lassie
thom starr & the galaxies - chiflado
louis prima - just a gigolo
al casey - hearse
severe severe - one thousand leads
grand funk - inside looking out
sparks - throw here away (and get a new one)
giant sand - who do you love?
O e Y N " )

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Show #220

November 16th, 2010
Pete Drake - Pleading
Burton & Mooney - I'm A Lonesome Fugitive
Atomic 7 - Kicking The Ghost of Ass
Brothers in Law - Batman
Kraftwerk - The Robots
Hot Butter - Popcorn
Sons of Otis - Vitus
Atomic Rooster - Time Take My Life
Thin Lizzy - For Those Who Love To Live
Sons of Otis - Big Muff
Atomic Rooster - Stand By Me
Thin Lizzy - Rosalie
Steve & Eydie - With A Little Help From My Friends
Dead Kennedys - I Fought The Law
Brothers in Law - Striker of the Year
Burton & Mooney - The Texas Waltz
Atomic 7 - That Leftover Savoir Faire
Leon Mcauliffe - Columbus Stockade Blues
moose jackson - cherokee boogie
tiny bradshaw - off the wall
gene krupa - lover
wynonie harris - my playful baby's gone, here comes the night
gene krupa - boogie blues
tiny bradshaw - the blues came raining down
duke ellington - jam with sam

UFO Encounters
Danzig - She Rides
Fu Manchu - Show & Shine
Laurie Spiegel - Appalachian Grove
Jah Stitch - Raggamuffin Style
Hasil Adkins - Chicken Shake
Gus Jenkins - Slow Down
Dr. Horse - Man, That Cat Was Clean
Barbie Gaye - My Boy Lollipop
Link Wray - Ain't That Lovin' You Babe
Bo Duddley - Shotgun Rider
Jan Davis - Verti-Go Go
Rondells - Satan's Theme
Citations - Moon Race
Kasenetz Katz Singing Musical Circus - Quick joey Small
Last show, I found the posting of "UFO Encounters" was removed off the WFMU site, turns out, I still had a copy on my hard drive! Click, download & enjoy for a limited time!
O e Y N " )

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Show #219

November 9th, 2010
Download it here!
Harry Wilcox & The Oakies - Moose Trot
let there be theremin - the spyder
stanley halloway - phrenology
jesus & mary chain - darklands
mc shy d - bonus beats
histiore epicees
chachi on acid - straight edge drinking party
UFO encounters
chachi on acid - tag along dork squad
bob mcfadden - beat generation
leroy dobson - i want to make love
pastels - raw-hide
guitar nubbit - big leg woman
joe liggens & his honeydrippers - the honeydripper
lenny capello - tootles
johnny temple - stavin chain
hugh roy - joyful locks
steve reich - pendulum music
quest for fire - set out alone
angel witch - gorgon, angel witch
quest for fire - greatest hits by god
little willie john - fever
wynonna carr - tough & go
esquerita - rockin' the joint
lil johnson - you stole my cherry
bel airs - volcanic action
arrows - blues theme
van halen - jamie's crying
venom - 7 gates of hell
let there be theremin - the hawaiian
harry wilcox - groovey grubworm
stanley halloway - babette's love
jesus & mary chain - april skies
histoire epicees
mc shy d - groove (rmx)
Hey, I'm back with archived shows! Yes, it's a huge untrimmed mp3 file & the audio quality may not be the best, but you can enjoy a couple other CJTR shows and it won't cost you nothin'!

Yeah, so I said I'd provide a link to the original WFMU posting of "UFO Encounters" but it seems the original has been removed.
O e Y N " )

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Show #218

October 26th, 2010


fenderbenders - dragstrip
james brown - note or two pt one
1963 b-3
smoasp - mecca
duck & cover
main man jones - adlib
jimmy castor bunch - ltd
jeff beck - shapes of things
flying lotus - 1983, sao paulo
jeff beck - let me love you
main man jones - metrical portions
chile diaz - perrudha
jimmy castor bunch - psyche
huevos rancheros - smartbomb
smoasp - haig earl
1963 - b-4
james brown - note or two pt2
link wray - baby doll
dick dale - the victor
jesse lee turner - the little space girl
johnny bond - 3/4 nights
bo carter - please warm my weiner
doug sahm 7 the pharoahs - slow down
link wray - rumble
smoasp - algoma reflections
king tubby - dub you can feel
play/stop - impressions
paul lansky - her song
pentagram - be forewarned
leeches of lore - dance of the fairy at the springtime witching, the champion breeder
sound of detestation - misery
pentagram - last days here
play/stop - suarez suarez suarez
tune rockers - green mosquito
papa lightfoot - wine women & whiskey
zorba & the greeks - shockwave
tampa red - my daddy rocks me...
avengers six - heartbeat
smoasp - we're not a fucking surf band
stagemen - fallout
dick dale - banzai washout
pentagram - walk in the blue light


O e Y N " )

Monday, October 25, 2010

Show #217

October 13th, 2010
phantoms - walk on the wild side
mingus, dolphy, jordan - meditation for integration
mort sahl - at the hungry i
tiny bradshaw - the train kept a rollin'
john lee - rhythm rockin' boogie
super-dupers - green hornet
syl johnson - little sally walker
benny england - eloping
george zimmerman & the thrills - i ain't got the money to pay for this drink
johnny clark & the four playboys - jungle stomp
oliver messiaen - oraison
shlohmo - antigravity
i-roy - set up yourself
circle jerks - deny everything
sound of detestation - verklighetsforankring
high on fire - bastard samurai
mort sahl - at the hungry i (part deux)
mingus - parkeriana
dizzy gillespie's big 7 -lover come back home
phantoms - ghost riders in the sky
Well, this week, something was smiling upon me. Usually I'll have a show planned well in advance but nothing was coming together for this one. I go to the Salvation Army & find this album (a triple lp!) of which I played 2 tracks. I can honestly say this is the first jazz set I own that I was blown away from!
( O e Y N " )

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Show #216

October 5th, 2010
pacheko - hielo seco
ebola - neck sprain
piranha piranha - kush chic
vex'd - crusher dub
ill. gates - sweat shop
goth-trad - genesis
horsepower productions - damn it
jakes - two steps back
palmatron - dark side
skream - filth
d.struct.o - cntrl/alt/del
el haijn - in control
the bug - jah war
daega sound system - s.o.s.
caspa - rubber chicken
datsik - nuke 'em
distance - traffic
excision - wasted
skream - make me
blake - leave us alone
skream - 2d
boxcutter - bug octet
head hunter - sushi brain
charlie p - on the couch
tes la rok - no need 2 be nasty
distance - koncrete
zomby - kaliko
shitmat - that track
desto & mindman - one ting (tes la rok rmx)
artwork - red
pinch - punisher
marlow - colossus
benga - middle man
vex'd - 3rd choice
milanese - barry dub
coki - triple six
boxcutter - chiral
kutz - travelling
roots manuva - witness dub
wonder - what (geeneus rmx)
Hope those who tuned in enjoyed this year's Radiothon edition of "Far-Gone Accumulator"! Hope you didn't get queezy from the bass, it was a lot of fun to do & I thank those who called in & pledged.
Now, if you are reading this after the fact, you can still donate to support CJTR! Click anywhere here to be redirected! We really do rely on our listeners support!

( O e Y N " )

Show #215

September 28th, 2010
asian pop (what abots did my mother?) - b-3
chab, moose jaw
asian pop (what abots did my mother) - a-4
cherry wainer - leichte kavallerie
spade nielson - chick a mou man
deja voodoo - gotta have money
gbh - limp wristed
girlschool - the hunter
led zeppelin - let's have a party, i can't quit you (liverpool, jan. 14th 1973)
david gilmour - mihalis
gbh - future fugitive
deja voodoo - take out the trash
sonny lester - the cad of baghdad
spade nielson - country a go-go
albert king - cadillac assembly line
cfls, weyburn
cherry wainer - schlittschuhlaufer
little richard -the girl can't help it
millionaires - arkansas jane
steve alaimo - she's my baby
yardbirds - putty (in your hands)
coasters - 3 cool cats
shades of night - fluctuation
forbidden dimension - operacion 69
captain beefheart - frownland
raymond scott - cindy electronium
pure human music - it's roca craze
prince jazzbo - i bust it in the name of jah
slugabed - pressure
misfits - some kinda hate
kyuss - one inch man, hurricane
sunn o))) - alice
captain beefheart - the dust blows forward, the dust blows back
yardbirds - i ain't got you
combustable edison - a shot in the dark
triumphs - surfside date
flamingos - jump children
al garris - that's all
lavern baker - jim dandy
miklos grabocz - it's raining, quietly drizzling/i told you so, wife/good heavens, my shirt/i love you not because of that
victor jara - questions about puerto montt
O e Y N " )

Monday, September 20, 2010

Show #214

September 21st, 2010
lil marcy - i tuned in on heaven
house of knives - death museum
kv mahadevan - bheekaramou sri ramabanam
ti-gus - les boutons d'culotte
johnny cash - doin' my time
the clash - hateful
syrinx - tumblers to the vault
iron butterfly - slower than guns
ac/dc - meanstreak, kissin' dynamite
iron butterfly - easy rider
syrinx - syren
rick james - high on your love suite
ahmad jamal - aki & ukthay
ti-gus - naissance et romance
kv mahadevan - sri yuthamou sri ramapadam
mongols - sleepwalk
lil marcy - wake up
cozy cole's big seven - caravan pt1
bob gaddy - no help wanted
lil millet & his creoles - rich woman
sidney "guitar crusher" shelby - i got to know
bill swing - messed up
johnny chef - can't stop movin'
kid thomas - rockin' this joint tonite
trinity - give a helping hand
dubkinetik - self-destruct
winter - into darkness
clara rockmore - valse sentimentale
rahat nusrat fateh ali khan - i have been afflicted by separation
buddy johnson - walk the chalk line
jimmy strange - yas yas yas
lindsey powers - jump the gun
bo diddley - bo diddley
big three trio - after awhile
sonny warner w/big jay mcneely - psycho serenade
serge garant - plages
peter schickele - beethoven's 5th (new horizons in musical appreciation)
O e Y N " )

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Show #213

September 14th, 2010

duane eddy - the fuzzy twist
chang siao ying - a-2
big luke sykes - sugar bowl stomp
al plunkett - o gee o gosh o golly
allan kelly - le petite moine
box tops - break my mind
joe hunter - the waltz you saved for me
black sabbath - hole in the sky
boris - huge, hama
black sabbath - symptom of the universe
john williams - jaws theme
hank karr - phantom of the arctic
star bennett - my word
bobby jaspar - struttin with some barbeque
angelo dornan - pretty susan
joe hunter - gold mine in the sky
chang siao ying - a-2nd last
duane eddy - hard times twist
allen page - sugar tree
aggie dukes - john john
frankie lee sims - she likes to boogie real low
little julian herrera - true fine mama\
victoria spivey & red allen's orch. - how do they do it that way
mojo watson - look a there
wade curtiss & the rhythm kings - puddy cat
charles dodge - he destroyed her image
king tubby - roots of dub
seven - saturn
ac/dc - for those about to rock, we salute you, evil walks
guild of destruction - suffering the beast
philip glass - mata grosso
daltones - bowlegged annie
barons - samurai
frank dalton - cruised
georgia white - if i can't sell it, i'll keep sittin on it before i give it away
silhouettes - miss thing
cadets - stranded in the jungle
elvis - change of habit
rex de la torre - leyenda

O e Y N " )

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Show #212

August 31st, 2010

shadows - the stranger
huevos rancheros - evacuation
ventures - out of limits
leonard maclain -warsaw concerto
pere marcel-marie desmarais - un professionel du sourir
guy chookoorian - no real
rudy ekes - redwing polka
syrinx - father of light
mountain - blood of the sun (live)
syrinx - appaloosa pegasus
mountain - guitar solo (live)
pere marcel-marie desmarais - servant et clochette
lily tomlin - mr. veedles
rudy ekes - rosalinda waltz
weird-ohs - davy the psycho cyclist
huevos rancheros - whiteout in wyoming
ventures -lonely bull
shadows - f.b.i.
dale hawkins - suzy q
harmonica frank - rock a little baby
tempests - rockin' rochester
piano slim - whammy in the gizmo
alberta hunter - you can't tell the difference after dark
icky renrut - the rooster
daryl britt and the blue jeans - lover lover
lionel hampton - i'm in the mood to swing
gangi - region one
big joe - trying to wreck
vex'd - bar kimura
black flag - rise above
guild of destruction - brutal as cunt, mutating the gene
noisia - machine gun (amon tobin rmx)
black flag - spray paint the walls
gangi - region two
lionel hampton - stompology
papa lightfoot - jumpi with jarvi
julia lee & her boyfriends - give me what you got
ronnie jones & his classmates - teenage rock
coot grant & kid wesley - get off with me
screamin' jay hawkins - i hear voices
leo the lion records - when batman became a coward
gene loves jezebel - tarantula bop
castells - little sad eyes
O e Y N " )

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Show #211

August 24th, 2010


shadowy men on a shadowy planet - run chicken run
charlie feathers - this lonely feeling
hank penny - bloodshot eyes
deja voodoo - lonely motel
baby buddha - your cheatin' heart
rahzel - ? vs rahzel
robert charlebois - trop belle por mourir
molten lava - d-meaning
mastadon - oblivion, ghost of karelia
molten lava - shred n butter
kylesa - running red
robert charlebois - manche de pelle
brothers johnson - get the funk out my face
chris houston - surfin' on heroin
charlie feathers - talkin' 'bout lovin
smoasp - you spin me round '86
hank penny - i was satisfied
musical linn twins - rockin out the blues
stomp gordon - dragnet
wynonie harris - lovin machine
eddie lang - she's mine all mie
dale hawkins - #9 train
sir rich & the spanking club - rock 'n' roll molly
frankie half-pint jaxon & the harlem hamfats - wet it
cardinals - choo choo
strange rebel frequency - deep blue sea
i-roy - angel
mental express - mycelium
goatsnake - live to die, the river
suffocation - jesus wept
vex'd - disposition
strange rebel frequency - hang on
calvin boze - safronia b
don covay - switchen in the kitchen
king rhythm - killer diller
strange rebel frequency - the wire
valiants - tequila twist
lil johnson & black bob - press my button, ring my bell
bobo jenkins - tell me who
stanley alpine - sunny mountain chimes
jackson 5 - how funky is your chicken
buddy rich - two bass hit
the rolling stones - something happened to me yesterday
donovan - the magpie

( O e Y N " )

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Show #210

August 17th, 2010


ventures - diamond head
elvis - blue suede shoes(live)
crescendos - je suis fou
caroline - le jeu du telephone
john lee hooker - I'm in the mood
jean-guy moreau - pierre lalonde
thin lizzy - jailbreak (live)
bang - future shock
thin lizzy - emerald (live)
too $hort - little girls
jean-guy moreau - blp
mikey dread - props-man style
memphis slim - 3 woman blues
caroline - un signe
crescendos - les yeux ferme
ventures - night train
elvis - i want you i need you i love you (out-take)
earl bostic - harlem nocturne
betty james - i'm a little mixed up
roy hall don't stop now
screamin joe neal - rock 'n' roll deacon
strange rebel frequency - found
coot grant & kid wesley wilson - take your hands off my mojo
strange rebel frequency - there will be blood
minority band - live
vex'd - heart space
porn - one of these days
obsessed - brother blue steel
porn - capp street
malicious - the infinite
i-roy - queen of the minstrels
strange rebel frequency - never be free
minority band - tasty tune
sugarboy crawford - overboard
frank sinatra - lover
big john greer - come back uncle john
merline johnson - don't you make me high
little willie brown - cut it out
red sovine - juke joint johnny
sonny knight - but officer
bay city rollers - shang a lang
london symphony orchestra - aqualung
hong kong film soundtrack

( O e Y N " )

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Show #209

August 10th, 2010


surfriders - caravan
johnny cash - run softly, blue river
andre williams - my time will come
phantoms - shazam
cyril richard - jabberwocky
popul vuh - aguirre
jane - fire water, earth & air
mountain - king's chorale
brothers in law - the parliament game
mountain - mississippi queen
brothers in law - montcalm's retreat
jane - fire, you give me sweet lovin
queen - keep yourself alive
dub syndicate - forever more
phantoms - walk, don't run
johnny cash - frankie & johnnie
surfriders - miserlou
andre williams - america
rosetta howard & the harlem hamfats - the candy man
incredible kings - the limp
saint red mouth - i don't want to wake no more
small stone - colored girls
jimi hendrix - come on let the good times roll
pjd - night train, blackcode rmx
diamanda galas - down so low
yob - dogma
vex'd - remains of the day
diamanda galas - o, death
saint red mouth - all my blues
jimi hendrix - voodo chile
guido basso - cuminha cruzados
bill cosby - mojo workout
jim carroll band - people who died
cars - dangerous type
jim carroll band -city drops into the night
bill cosby - little ole man, uptight
guido basso - s'wonderful
cars - double life


( O e Y N " )

Show #208

August 3rd, 2010


sandy nelson - civilization
johnny & the hurricanes - lazy
neil flanz - jonesy
gunsmoke - i never
mott the hoople - i'm a cadillac
cyniques - nono mouskouri
miles davis -john mclaughlin
montrose - good rockin tonight, rock candy
cyniques - recteur...
miles davis - sanctuary
ofra haza - ya ba ye
gunsmoke - tortured soul
hugo montenegro -march with hope
neil flanz - redskin rag
sandy nelson - and then there were drums
johnny & the hurricanes - walkin'
lord luther - thinkin man's girl
raymond scott -power house
shy guy douglas - monkey doin woman
andre williams - the monkey speaks his mind
sonny & jaycee -you keep on doggin me
dezurik sisters - i left her standing there
bobby williams - so many women
nick cave - where the wild roses grow
jah stitch - king of the arena
santisima virgen maria - untitled
sham 69 - hey little rich boy
blue cheer - out of focus, parchment farm
sham 69 - borstal breakout
small stone - borstol boys
vex'd - take timeout
nick cave - o'malley's bar
fat boys - back and forth
neil young - thrasher
bobby curtola - acres of heartache
rick moranis - hockey (excerpt)
isaac hayes - music to make love by


( O e Y N " )

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Show #207

July 20th, 2010


spike jones - late movies pt1
fireballs - torquay two
brothers in law - handyman's lament
bill macneill - new land new dreams
johnny cash - devil to pay
electronic concept orchestra - mah na mah na
le vieux show son sale - lit vert
misfits - cough/cool
megadeth - holy wars
misfits - return of the fly
le vieux son sale - stella daily breakfast blues
megadeth - peace sells...
beastie boys - root down (free zone mix)
maria callas - lucia di lamermoor, act 2
bill macneill - poland to the prairies
fireballs - alone
brothers in law - camping
spike jones - late movies part 2
betty james - i'm a little mixed up
joe therrein jr. - come back to me darling
joe lyons & the arrows - shim sham shufflin' jive
readymen - shortnin' bread
syl austin - say lou
randy holden - between time
andre williams - detroit, michigan
jean-claude risset - mutations
ufomammut & lento - infect one
ginz & baobinga - the good stank
cause for effect - hermetic division
dust - from a dry camel
porn - porch song
ufomammut & lento - painful burns
chromatics - in the city
i-roy - acting strange
sun la shan - catch
pearl woods - sippin' sorrow
bunker hill - the girl can't dance
jesse allen - love you baby
andre williams - get this love off my mind
ray charles - bye bye love
barde - jack mccann
eddie cantor - ma, he's makin' eyes at me
father rivers - he never said a mumbalin' word

( O e Y N " )

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Show #206

July 13th, 2010


gene rains group - tiki
sidney bechet - preachin blues
gus viseur - la paimpolaise
teenage head - picture my face
gbh - transylvanian perfume
tequila & marijuana (ganja club rmx)
disrupt - sega beats
franck dervieux - dimension m
magma - hortz fur dehn..., ima suri dondai
franck dervieux - atlantide
cluster - heisse lippen
cult - wild flower
teenage head - let's go to hawaii
freddy cannon - jump over
gus viseur - venice & bretange
gene rains - song of delilah
lil johnson - stavin chain
prentice moreland - holy mack'rel
music machine - talk talk
sly dell - let me tell you about it
ken nordine - the aging young rebel
jsbx - soul typecast
west street mob - break dance electric boogie
black bug - mental ray
david bowie - the man who sold the world
angel witch - sorcerers, angel of death
black bug - the wave
discordance axis - inalienable dreamless (merzbow rmx)
flying lotus - quakes
dizzy gillespie - oro insienso y mirra
crystallized movements - wondering where
jackie edwards - all shook up
freddy cannon - tallahassie lassie
gbh - hearing screams
cult - peace dog
floyd cramer - last date

( O e Y N " )