Thursday, August 28, 2008

Show #116

Far-Gone Accumulator/August 27th, 2008

Listen Here!!! --- 08-27-08.mp3 ---

the sickening - aggravated explosive prolapse of the bowel
boris - ganbou-ki
ryan j boyd - intro
tabarnacos surfers - caballero
astroglides - double donga
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - fortune telling chicken
man or astro-man? - television fission
lou millet - slip slip slippin in
space cossacks - third star to the left
buddy sharpe and the shakers - bald headed baby
regents - 7teen
sixty watt shaman - red colony
gussi allstars - danger in your dub
the party rockers - house party
the poor boys - washboard number one
truckfighters - in search of
the phantom - last ride
voodooshack - you don't need to fear death
boris - huge
ryan j boyd - alive to dream
phil gray - bluest boy in town
space cossacks - neutron sabre
mach kung fu - full reverb
apemen - creature from the haunted sea
joe dorey maple creek meanderings
dubarry - skin care for normal or oily skin
black sabbath - snowblind (hammersmith '78)
the damned - i fall (peel sessions)
tabarnacos surfers - piranhas
voodooshock - please let all truth in your heart
the sickening - death devastation decay
pj harvey - big exit
mazzy star - unreflected
man or astro-man? - dni
astroglides - settler go-go
screamin jay hawkins - alligator wine
mach kung fu - psycho
the sickening - castle of death
ryan j boyd - aliens are real
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - 3 piece suit
ricky nelson - lonesome town
Tonight's newness is direct from Kristiansund Norway. The Sickening deliver some crezzy crezzzy deth.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Show #115

Far-Gone Accumulator / August 20th, 2008


voodooshock - diamond queen

tabarnacos surfers - maree noire

gunsmoke - tortured soul

john coltrane - acknowledgement

johnny pate & adam wade - brother on the run

brian wilson - heroes & villians

sandy nelson - birth of the beat

motorhead - step down

kl radio - whammo

hardcore - hight time

descendents - ace

sortilege - metamorphose

nirvana - drain you (live)

black sabbath - thrill of it all

velvet underground - sunday morning

voodooshock - i need a rest

king tee - the coolest

bb king and katie webster - since i met you baby

dick dale - death tube

charlie feathers - peepin eyes

frantics - werewolf

charlie feathers - i can't hardly stand it

dick dale - hava nagila

otis spann - nobody knows chicago the way i do

mojo nixon - gin guzzlin frenzy

king progress - you have changed

guns n roses - rocket queen

duane eddy - rebel rouser

gunsmoke - not the one

john coltrane - resolution

tabarnacos surfers - la patriote

brian wilson - good vibrations

black sabbath - megalomania

gunsmoke - won't be back

velvet underground - i'm waiting for the man

charlie feathers - it's just that song
The return of the surf monsters...just a reminder our friends from montreal are hard at work with new material!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Show #114

Far-Gone Accumulator/August 13th, 2008

Clicky heres! --- 08-13-08.mp3 ---

lee bob watson - 1958
gunsmoke - gunfight
morkobot - kaklaipus
hellhammer - third of the storms
captain beefheart
delcos - arabia
cadillac hitmen - desert floor
eliminators - el borracho
notes - lion is awake
chris conner - try a little tenderness
bobby reddy and the redwings - big mouth
ce cee carol - oh! mr judge
frank motley and his crew with curly bridges - rock n roll gotta beat
rebounds - gretzky gretzky read all about it
carcass - keep on rotting
jsbx - calvin
ramones - mental hell
b-monster - soft flesh for the dungeon of the damned
morkobot - cammut
iron monkey - fink dial
gunsmoke - now and then
tremelo beer gut - las vegas
old miss down beats - geraldine
madman jones - snake charmer
galaxy trio - saddle sore
lombego surfers - tiki zone
treble tones - safari
the 5,6,7,8's - hanky panky
alan stivell - folklore
led zeppelin - babe, i'm gonna leave you
b-monster - critical love condition
iron monkey - web of piss
hellhammer - massacra
morphine - honey white
captain beefheart - the dust blows forward
2 live crew - man, not a myth
john taylor - taylor's rock
astroglides - the man with the golden reverb
longhorn devils - saz chase
lee bob watson - rosalita's arms
gunsmoke - i never
2 live crew - megamix 4
morphine - scratch
elvis presley - having fun with elvis part 2
Tonight, GUNSMOKE! They put on a great show with Trash bin whores & Let there be theremin recently & hopefully they'll be back soon! Check out their "From Somewhere" disc & catch 'em if you can on tour!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Show #113

Far-Gone Accumulator/August 6th, 2008

Listen here! --- 08-06-08.mp3 ---

acid king - bad vision
lee bob watson - lord i know
mulatu astatqe - yekatit
ryan j boyd - devotion
mighty two - i stand accused
ryan j boyd - embrace
juke boy bonner - running shoes
jesters - cadillac man
thom starr and the galaxies - strange fever
hayden thompson - love my baby
metallica - escape
hank williams - i'm sorry for you my friend
cramps - new kind of kick
slade - lay it down
gbh - necrophilia
das efx - if only
last minute to jaffna - heating the blood
high on fire - blood from zion
flames - the bird
charlie rich - lonely weekends
gene moles - burning rubber
ed bruce - rock boppin baby
gaturs - cold beat
brand nubian - punks jump up
danzig - how the gods kill
smurfs - smurfing land express
shabba ranks - ragga muffin
janis joplin - ball and chain
motorhead - boogeyman
johnny cash - folsom prison blues
acid king - war of the mind
lee bob watson - come on home
tandems - beyond the surf
carl mann - mona lisa
dirty red - mother fuyer
warren smith - red cadillac and a black mustache
willie west - fairchild
ryan j boyd - i had this dream
tesfa maryam kidane - heywete
black art - vampire
royal coachmen - loophole
billy riley - one more time
surf riders - rum runner
jerry lewis - high school confidential
rj and artie - fink
sick sick stuff from acid kig
sweet sweet sounds from lee bob & rj boyd
surfiness as usual!