Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Show #333

March 12th, 2013

elvis presley - are you lonesome tonight (laughing version)
regal-airs - it
eunice davis - work daddy, work
eliot shavers and his blazers - scratch that itch
porter wagoner - woman hungry
al casey - surfin' blues 
gunilla thorn - go on then
mel robbins - save it
big brown and the gamblers - my testament
big jay mcneely - flying home
duane eddy - all along the navajo trail
r d burman and asha - dum maro dum
shirley ellis - the clapping song
james brown - get on the good foot
baby huey - listen to me
pharcyde - passin me by
benga - chemical compound
amon tobin - black run
kraftwerk - uranium
the studio sound - gimme some more
rolling stones - the last time
be-bop deluxe - jets at dawn
pink fairies - uncle harry's last freakout
stack waddy - you really got me                                                                                                    
cathedral - a funeral request (rebirth) 
hawkwind - orgone accumulator (space ritual)

Show #332

March 5th, 2013

the bad beers - condition black
b-monster - naked machine gun girls 
tabarnacos surfers - l'ile aux folles 
los caminos - irene and her seven sisters 
sleepy labeef - baby to cry
let there be theremin - the hearse
memphis morticians - wailin' well 
paul cary - bad people
red mouth - the darkness of my mind 

the hiptones - that driving beat 
olive green - the doo bad hustle 
mauf - house of love 
the lost patrol - lonesome sky 
alexandre navarro - time
severe severe - young bird with honeysuckle 
lee bob watson and the delta queens - a stranger to myself 

broken crayons - underdog
the incompetents - the damned don't cry 
ryan j boyd - theater of cruelty 
the calf protection - roller coaster darling 
gangi - animals
the cubical - early morning creep                       
the muggs - underway
Chachi on acid - i wanna be an alcoholic
bandanos - knock out - ordinary different  
the sickening - castle of death 
guild of destruction - suffering the beast 
sabazius - the goat (excerpt)
lento - hadrons