Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Show #138/R.I.P. Lux Interior

5 Far-Gone Accumulator 5
February 11th, 2009
The Cramps - greenfuzz, garbageman, goo goo muck, new kind of kick, rockin' bones, love me, voodoo idol, can't hardly stand it, primitive, she said, caveman, save it, the crusher, human fly, don't eat stuff off the sidewalk, drug train, can't find my mind, tv set, jungle hop, uranium rock, the natives are restless, the way i walk, under the wires, domino, beautiful gardens, surfin' bird, green door, lonesome town, mystery plane (demo), fever, mad daddy (demo), good taste (live), no club lone wolf, i was a teen-age werewolf, is elvis dead (interview), bikini girls with machine guns, louie louie (live), eyeball in my martini, it's mighty crazy, rock on the moon, muleskinner blues, her love rubbed off (live), shortnin' bread, creature from the black leather lagoon, people ain't no good, tear it up (live), what's inside a girl, what's behind the mask, blue moon baby, wilder wilder faster faster, how far can too far go, i'm cramped, taboo
Lux Interior has left us. For those of you who tuned in, I hope you enjoyed my 3 hour tribute. It was the least I could do because simply, The Cramps are the reason I started listening to early rock. They were the introduction I had to a music barely hinted at on radio. What was on television was distorted nostalgia, remember "Happy Days"?
Coming off a vaction, I learned of Lux's passing late and had little time to organize this program and ended up playing mostly early stuff through the eighties. The Cramps last 3 studio albums are definately worthy of your cash "Big Beat from Badsville" remains a favourite of mine!
Adios Lux
O Y N "

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Show #137/Voco Inc.

5 Far-Gone Accumulator 5
January 27th, 2009
mac rebennack - storm warning
los caminos - walking with the devil
larry phillipson - bitter feelings
los caminos - waikiki detective
terry dunavan - earthquake boogie
electric prunes - get me to the world on time
the fanatics - i will not be lonely
ventures - the cape
offramps - abrasive personality
james brown - give it up or turn it loose
beyond terror beyond grace (btbg) - ultimatum
upwards of endtime - alone
btbg - surveillance
phase 1 all stars - sister
johnny moped - hard working man
black disciples - fall forward
johnny littleson - johnny jive
el capris - safari
spiritu - objects of desire
ken williams - trashcan
slaprocket - the seed
spyder d - big apple rappin
beatboy - drug frog
subhumans - death to the sickoids
karma to burn - 37
wildtones - shut-ups
the mighty two - cracker
madman jones - yeah
spiritu - latitude
splodgenessabounds - dangerous
slaughter and the dogs - hell in new york
bob taylor - after hours
xanadu - sure shot
asian pop record - 26
art attacks - neutron bomb
beatboxer entertainment crew - we got this
nice cat - chronic
necros - crying form
btbg - erosion
upwards of endtime - the burning
offramps - hallmark holiday
nick drake - time has told me
led zeppelin - bron-y-ar
nick drake - river man
rockatones - shandia
los caminos - skull catcher
edie cochran - dark lonely street

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Show #136/Asian Collection

5 Far-Gone Accumulator 5
January 21st, 2009

los caminos - hail to the king

total sound group direct action committee - burn bright ring true

los caminos - test pilot

sugar shack - you'll never

jetset - melting sun

cherry valence - it's over

macy skipper - bop pills

d1 - malfunction

enablers - a blues

upwards of endtime - faith long lost

enablers - the destruction most of all

ufomammut and lento - down

james mason - fra lippo lippi

eric b and rakim - let the rhythm hit em

quartango - milonga de mis amores

linval thompson - fu man version

platters - a tisket a tasket

ivy pete and his limbo maniacs - limbo all the way home

the pear of pid pumkin - tapioca pudding

grateful dead - that's it for the other one, the faster we go the rounder we get

aerosmith - back in the saddle

beach boys - here comes the night

mighty sparrow - honesty

jim reeves - he'll have to go

run dmc - son of byford

rare earth - mola molata

ufomammut and lento - the overload

upwards of endtime - a prayer for the dying

enablers - four women

los caminos - sentenza

j frank wilson - last kiss

blues rollers - calling all cows

gerd bottcher - rock a hula baby

the shades - strolling after dark

Now enjoy another installment of my Pakistani Film Music 45s!


O Y N "

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Show #135/George Semper

5 Far-Gone Accumulator 5
January 14th, 2009
jetset - higher/brand new cadillac
thee exciters - jacob's gutter
the enablers - tundra
broken crayons - radio sacred at the ear crack factory
gutted with broken glass - meat wagon
orthodox - geryon's throne
biz markie - pickin' boogers
doa - no way out
spike jones - 2 heads are better than one
motorhead - ace of spades
grupo tarpuy - inkuyo
frank zappa - apostrophe
run dmc - you're blind
budgie - zoom club
bad brains - fearless vampire killers
all - dot
gunsmoke - darktown
dizzie gillespie - dizzy's party
basil rathbone - tell tale heart
karlheinz stockhausen - mikrphonie 1
orthodox - genocide
enablers - februaries
gwbg - drawn and quartered
enablers - carriage
broken crayons - hail to the chief
jackson 5the love you save
fatal flying guilloteens - kiss to kiss off
nat couty - woodpecker rock