Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Show #95

Far-Gone Accumulator/March 26th, 2008
Listen Here!!! ---- 03-26-08.mp3 ----

Monty Python - The Death of Mary Queen of Scots

Unfortunaut - Lunarover

Ostinato - Jagganath

Josef Krips - Allegro Assai

Wailers - Wailers House Party (live)

Blues Breakers - All Your Love

Dick Caruso - Rockin With Richard
Ralley Packs - Bucket Seats
Sir Guy - The frog
Gordo - Cocktails Darling
Charlie Chaplain - Civilian Rights
Steve Beck - Great Skate Theme
Vincent Edwards - I Got It Bad
George Jones - Tender Years
General Trees - $50 bill
MC Miker G & DJ Sven - Whimsical Touch
Hidden Hand - Coffin Lilly
Toby Richardson - Bells in Dover
Watts 13rd Street Rhythm Band - Spreadin Honey
Monty Python - Be A Great Actor
Bar-Keys - Soul Finger
Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - Outer Limits
Rev. Lofton - Look To Jesus
Jimmy Merchant - Skin The Cat
Morine & The Zercons - Show Me Where it's At
The Olympics - Talkin Trash
Super Stocks - The Last Walk
Chaino - Ubangi Rock
Donald & The Delighters - Wang Dang Dula
Pyramids - shakin' Fit
Vera Lynn - This Is The Army Mr. Jones
Leroy Van Dyke - Walk on By
Capt. Barky - Wha Dis Ya
Spencer Davis Group - Blues in F
Jethro Tull - Pussy Willow
Henson Cargill - Skip a Rope
Chevelle - No Push over, Crew Mix
Paper Lace - The Night Chicago Died
Judas Priest - Delivering The Goods (sorta)
Unfortunaut - URSA
Place of Skulls - Masters of Jest
Toby Richardson - Wherewithall
Josef Krips - Andante
Brother Jack McDuff - Shadow of Your Smile
Fabulous Wailers - Dirty Robber (live)
Jimmy Norman - Gangster of Love
Toby Richardson - Long Distance Rock n Roll
Blues Breakers - Hideaway
Super Stocks - Ventura
Waddawe have here, heavy heavy place of Skulls & Hidden hand, unfortunaut & Ostinato and brand spankers from Toby Richardson, The album is Evergreen!
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Show #94/Hattie Noel

Far-Gone Accumulator
March 19th, 2008
Listen Here!!! 03-19-08.mp3
DYSE - Senge
Ufomammut - Ammonia
ghost in the Water - How to draw a Ghost
Kid Koala - Basin St. Blues
Tiny Grimes - Old Black magic
Mermen - be My noir
Tiny Grimes - Annie Laurie
Rev. Horton Heat - Wiggle Stick
tiny Grimes - Midnight Special
Sonny Lester - Shivas Regal
Joe morris - The applejack
Sly & Robbie - Rap Segment, Step up vers.
??? - Robert E Lee
Curtis Lee - Pretty Little angel Eyes
Johnny Cash - Guess Things happen that way
Fire House Crew - Too Fast
Tarmarina folk Company - Struggle
Meatloaf - I'm gonna love her for the both of us
Spitblood - Vinganca edor
Beehoover - Pioneer
Ghost in the water - Clean sinks & Folded Laundry
Manuel Barrueco - Spanish dance #4, Villanesca
Frank Culley - Coleslaw
Mermen - The Silly elephant who stomped to tea
bobby summers - pad
Professor Longhair - Hey little girl
Moon mullican - I'll sail my ship alone
Capt barley - God a knock
Allan sherman - you can a long way from st louis
Zubin mehta - close encounters suite
Unfortunaut - Basil & ginger
ufomammut - nero
end of level boss - vivid
spitblood - aprisionado
ufomammut - destroyer
toby richardson - rosewood
kid koala - stompin at le savoi
harry van walls - tee nah nah
rev. horton heat - the devil's chasin me

from last week, more from the upcoming "idolum" cd from Ufomammut, as was as a shwack of Exile on mainstream artists...more great new discs will be featured in the coming weeks!!!

Now, enjoy the bold Hattie Noel!!!


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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Show #93/Fran Lori

Far-Gone Accumulator/March 12th, 2008

Listen Here!!! --- 03-12-08.mp3 ---
Ufomammut - Stigma
Bandanos - Knockout
Upwards of Endtime - Men at Arms
Thee Exciters - Johnny's Too Messed Up
T-Rex - Children of the Revolution
Laika & The Cosmonauts - Fugitive
Fats Noel - Ride Daddy Ride
Albert Ammons - Margie
Four Jacks - Sure Cure for the BLues
Albert Ammons - Mr. Bell Blues
Monitors - My Baby's Rockin'
Albert Ammons - Oh Lady Be Good
Bull Moose Jackson - Big Ten Inch Record
T-Rex - Raw Ramp
Dizzy Dixon & The Deacons - Tia Maria
Pinchers - Medicine Dub
Herb Alpert - Spanish Flea
canItrashcan!? - Just Not Good Enough
Jeannie C Riley - Harper Valley PTA
Father G - Pretty & Nice, version
Thee Exciters - Guts for Garters
Upwards of Endtime - Damned to The underground
Broken Crayons - Turn me On
Ufomammut - Stardog
Donovan - Sleep
pt. Jasraj - Raga Bihagada
Duane Dee - When the Devil Rides the Wind
Paul Fishman - POB 734
Gem Myers - One Man Woman
Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren - Bangers & Mash
Willie Nelson - If You Could Touch Her At All
Carl Smith - Hey Joe
Bomb Dandymite - Mass Murderer, vers.
Broken Crayons - Oh
Thee Exciters - Bringing Me Down
Upwards of Endtime - Search for Light
Ufomammut - Hellectric
Laika & The Cosmonauts - C'mon Do The Laika
the Drivers - Smooth Slow & Easy
Bandanos - Nori Me Fudi
Upwards of Endtime - Faith Long Lost
Donovan - Wild Witch Lady
T-Rex - Jitterbug Love
Floyd Dixon - Ooh Little Girl
Jay McShann - Voodoo Woman blues
Fluffy Hunter - Walkin' Blues
Eddie Vinson - Kidney Stew BLues
Todd Rhodes - Rocket 69
Wow! Brand new tracks from UFOMAMMUT tonite! The Album is entitled "IDOLUM" and is due out west of the Atlantic early May! The album is available for pre-order!
& if you just gotta hear more, more will come next show with a few more tracks!

enjoy music NOW crowd!


Oh get out your RED and BLUE glasses for the pic!

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Show #92/Jimmie James

Far-Gone Accumulator/March 5th, 2008

Listen Here! --- 03-05-08.mp3 ---


Thee Exciters - Spending Cash Talking Trash

We Insist! - Seclusion

The Lost Patrol - Take Me Away

Upwards of Endtime - Alone

Lowrider - Convoy V

Johnny Guitar - Bang Sean 66

Zoot Sims - Jive At 5

Sodsai Chaengrij - The Boat That I Row

Jim Waller - Latin'ia

Der Dong Dang - Yip Mer Dai

Del-Vetts - Ram Charger

Sakarin Boonpit - Kotmorn Yoop Yap

Jerry Byrd - Invitation to Love

Abner Jay - Don't Mess With Me Baby

Neptunas - Persistence of Surf

Nena Cherry - Buffalo Stance

Royaltones - Holy Smokes

Custom Records - Teaching your parakeet to speak

Blues Project - Back Door Man

Electric Prunes - Are You Lovin' Me More

Bob Crew Generation - Music to Watch Girls By

Jimmy McCracklin - The Walk

Blue Flames - Bowling USA

We Insist - The great Disorder

The Lost Patrol - The Whim & The Will

Thee Exciters - Pretty Elegant & Neat

Desastre - Sufucados

Mothers of Invention - Didja Get Any Onya?

The Son of PM - Boong Ata Yom

Zoot Sims - Doggin' Around

Jackatchan - Soo Zwarmrak Chong

Jerry Cole - Midnight Surfer

Doris Muller - Swiss Yodeller

Badfinger - Come & Get It

Lee Merrill - The Ballad of the Green hornet

Kids - Shoo Doo Bee Doo

Jimmie James - Zip Zip Bam Bam Bam Boom

Nazareth - Hair of The Dog

Fran Lori - I'm Gonna Study Jimmy

The Exciters - Ugly Face

Desastre - Pe Guem Suas Armas

Broken Crayons - Underdog

Upwards of Endtime - Comes to me in Dreams

Dozer - From Mars

Supraphorn - Cham Chai

Harry Connick Jr - Love is Here to Stay

Don - Sunshine Day

Tornadoes - Gremmie

Lost Patrol - Orbit

We Insist! - Half Awake

Broken Crayons - Flawed

Mothers of Invention - Directly from My Heart to You

Vimarn Naeramt - Heow Sabat

Thai Beat, Lost Legends of Surf Guitar, We Insist & brand new tunes from Thee Exciters on England's "Dirty Water" label. More from them next week! Already this year has had plenty to offer thus far from Exile on Mainstream records. Keep listening because in a few short weeks there will be even more great new tunes!

Alright, now for one of theose "so wrong, it's right" tunes:


Oh get out your RED and BLUE glasses for the pic!

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