Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Show #167

September 29th, 2009

chantays - pipeline
busters - bust out
link wray & his wraymen - rumble
jorgan ingmann & his guitar - apache
ramrods - ghost riders in the sky
rumblers - boss
astronauts - baja
viceroys - moasin
max frost & the troopers - shape of things to come
fran lori - i'm gonna study jimmy
royaltones - tacos
sputnicks - my love is gone
harvey danger - flagpole sitta
william bell - everyone loves a winner
billy lee riley - don't fight it
bent fabric - markin time
paul evans - fish in the ocean
carl mann - rockin love
lee dorsey - ya ya
mar-keys - foxy
viscounts - wabash blues
lionel hampton & oscar peterson - the high & the mighty
kinks - sunny day
hanna barbara pt1
hanna barbara pt2
kinks - i'm not like everyone else
lionel hampton quintet - september song
viscounts - so slow
mar-keys - one degree north
carl mann - pretend
paul evans - happy-go-lucky me
bent fabric alley cat
billy lee riley - mississippi delta
royaltones - flamingo express
viceroys - seagreen
rumblers - i don't need you no more
ramrods - zig zag
rockatones - young in years
jorgen ingmann - echo boogie
link wray - the swag
chantays - move it
forward & back with all original 45s tonight!
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Show #166/Hachey Brothers + Bisson Brothers

Δ Far-Gone Accumulator Δ
September 23rd, 2009
Restored link, download it here!
arne nordheim - epitaffo
berio - momenti
rudin - kouros
mimaroglu - piano
janson - canon
xenakis - orient-occident
druckman - animus 1
stockhausen - prozession
ferrari - visage v
mimaroglu - 6 preludes
maderna - continuo
fongaard - galaxy
dufrene/baronnet - u47

All Electronic/Experimental pioneers tonight & already looks like one of the better shows this year! The resolution is pretty low (as normal) but check out the rapidshare link above if you are unfamiliar with this artists!

For more OOP treasures, check out this link!

Now enjoy The Hachey Brothers with Mary Lou & The Bisson Brothers!
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Show #165/Jack Mooney + Various

September 16th, 2009
powerman - gal dem feel good
dereck irie - original love
moon - $100
mackie ranks - chat all de want
admiral bailey - mi body
laser b - bumpa wine
michigan & smiley - lu-be-lu
admiral tibbet - miss fancey
lady g - me or the gun
ranking trevor - three piece chicken and chips
10% - u sue
glen ricks - give love
rohan irie - modelling shorts
tiger - boombastic
the prince brothers - ram jam
harry toddler -big up yu chest
roland burrell - johnny dollar (big tanker version)
jigsy king - you move too fast
capt. barley - god a knock (version)
sly & the taxi gang - Rap segment (version step up)
mickel rose - mr. mension
bomb dandymite - mass murderer
capt. barky - wha dis ya
chevelle - no push over (crew mix)
fab five - one man woman (version)
gregory isaacs - stores are closed
bounty killer & angel doolas - dem can't stop the dance
general trees - $50
lorna bennett - dancing to my own heartbeat
charlie chaplain - civilian rights
e.t. webster & $1.50 - love fire
frisco kid - jackie & janet
legend - pretty & nice
principal - nah tek it so (ninja style)
pinchers - medicine dub
dr. alimantado - gimme mi gun
ninja ford & simple simon - dig your grave
sister nancy - transport connection (version)
mafia & fluxy - boast 'bout a gun (version)
nana mclean - till i kiss you (version)
root raddies - cream of the crop (dub)
stamma ranks - later fi dem
george knooks - tribal war
Nothin' but Jamaican 45's tonight! Now If you want a full cd sampling of these tracks click here and you'll find waaay back at show #30 I posted a bunch. Nearly three years later & it's still being downloaded so it must be good! You'll find the tracklist in the image & the songs through the last rapidshare link!
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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Show #164

Δ Far-Gone Accumulator Δ

September 9th, 2009

Listen Here!!! --- 09-09-09.mp3 ---

ren & stimpy - dog pound hop
warren smith - rock 'n' roll ruby
ebb tides - big noise from waimea
pounds - is it true
don woody
rollicks - louie louie
united 8
cubical - scuttler's crimes
stooges - down on the street
cure - killing an arab
venetian snares - chinaski r.i.p.
ballgag - mansteak womanizer
butthole surfers - sweat loaf
doris muller - 1st yodelling lesson
ugly ducklings - rimb nugget
peter gabriel - biko
junior wells - cha cha cha in blue
zeke - raped
rapport publishing - tongue twisting
glencoves - it's sister ginney's turn to throw the bomb
chalawa - hop, skip & jump
wayne cochran - some a your sweet love
idlewiles - maybe tomorrow
custom bird records - training your parakeet
kossol sisters - kissin' cousins
custom bird records - pretty bird
isley brothers - shout pt1
custom bird records - kiss me
isley brothers - shout pt2
custom bird records - take a bite
slaughter & the dogs - you're a bore
jimmy perkins - goodnight irene #2
kraftwerk - morning walk
orbital - chimes
jury - until you do
olt - moose calling
chubby checker - the hucklebuck
dan gibson - various loon calls
pulp - help the aged
philip s olt - goose calling
religion for retarded - who is jesus
burnham bros - elk calling
pink floyd - another brick in the wall
elan - authentic goose calls
peggy lee - listen to the mocking bird
cubical - great white lie
butthole surfers - revolution pt1
ballgag - don't cum in
stooges - loose
ravens - time takes care of everything
ren & stimpy - log blues/log theme
rhythm aces - get lost
sam theard - that's chicago's south side
continentals - fine fine frame
pete wheatstraw - peetie wheatstraw
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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Show #163

Δ Far-Gone Accumulator Δ
September 2nd, 2009
Listen Here! ---
09-02-09.mp3 ---
nwlp-2018 (b3)
sas-52 (a7)
kkk 797 (b6)
no.19 (a7)
ls-3051 (a6)
aptlp 1002 (b2)
awk-010 (a5)
nlp-203 (b5)
awk-037 (a5)
snr-1205 (a3)
slp-173 (b1)
tflp 2001 (a7)
ms-1007 (a3)
oc 1112 (a1)
sgt-1 (a1)
ak-688 (a1)
fhlp 604 (b5)
col-3005 (a1)
lflp 153 (a1)
nlp-901 (a1)
ak 661 (b4 )
gms-1078 (a1)
ak-664 (a1)
666 (a1)
sl-2095 (a5)
gms 1102 (a1)
5074 (b1)
ak-687 (b4)
artlp 1001 (a1)
sta-039 (a6)
ak-710 (a5)
ak-657 (a4)
ak-703 (a3)
sl-2078 (a1)
ulp 5037 (a5)
kkk 4 (b3)
st-701 (a1)
lflp 135 (a5)
nwlp-2018 (b2)
sas-52 (a4)
nwlp-2018 (a3)