Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Show #100/Bernie Green

Far-Gone Accumulator/April 30, 2008


Archagathus - fuckin ebola

fluID - pens are friends

archagathus - injected with syphilis

fluID - idiots

raffael deluca - club bump

epicrise - diving inro curd

d-nice - cherry pie love

ballgag - 20"rimjobs

roadside burial -ivan

home & garden - geography

corpsickle - zombie island massacre

home & garden - para uds

mesrine - practise what you preach

tangled star - button down

mesrine - serial selfish

toby richardson - quite something to see

upwards of endtime - defenders

hiptones - hound dog

upwards of endtime - great goat god

hiptones - 99 & a half won't do

muthurlode - unknown

evoken - intro

muthurlode - sheep

evoken - tragedy eternal

calf protection - frost forest

ryan j boyd - transmissions from planet 9

calf protection - getaway johnny

ryan j boyd - a tribe arrives

el capitan - feltpicker

comotose vigil - narcosis

panderers - grip

olive green - do bad hustle

lento - leave

panderers - shame

lento - hadrons

dyse - der mann aus gold

aaron ross - sin is a spell

dyse - rhythmus

aaron ross - the mountain

end of level boss - connotations

roncsipar - immanu el

eolb - selfishnegativevibemerchant

roncsipar - draconian

offramps - 23

ryan j boyd - my heart

offramps - hallmark holiday

ryan j boyd - holy

lobotomia - faces da morte

arkadia - terrace of celebration

lobotomia - pesadelos agonizantes

arkadia - 1958

100 shows! Here was some of the best (and most memorable) to grace these airwaves. It would have been imposible to play everything, so this was a taste! From hip-hop to that wacky grindcore to pop to folk. I want to thank these artist for making the show entertaining, and the listeners for keeping it on the air!!!!




Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Show #99

Far-Gone Accumulator/April 23rd, 2008
flu.ID - Ordinary Different
Archagathus - Real Fancy
Broken Crayons - I Hate Everything
Village of Dead Roads - Between Grace & delusion
Bedemon - Child of Darkness
Bootsy's new rubber band - Funk Express Card
Modern Lovers - Roadrunner
Gun Club - Preaching the blues
Johnny Carroll - hot Rock
Pink Floyd - Not Now John
Beatles - Get Back
Louden Wainwright III - Dead Skunk
Police - Someone to Talk to
Los Popularos - Working Girls
Chuck Berry - Nadine
Muddy Waters - Tiger in Your Tank
Shonen Knife - Bear up Bison
Flu.id - Necromancer
Sunn O))) - Rabbit's Revenge
Hasil Adkins - High School Confidential
Peppermint Harris - Raining in My Heart
Helton Menezes - Amor en....
Invictas - The Hump
Roberto Neves - Coisinna Malvada
Peppermint Harris - Big Fine Baby
Carlos Monteiro - Estamos Ai
Munda - Ce'est La Paye
Carlos Monteiro - Roda
Morty Shann - Movin' In
Mujeeb Alam - AA Mere sathi
Mujeeb alam - Main Tere ajnabi
Mehdi Hassan - Teri Mehfil Seyeh Diwana
Mala - Ham Apna Haal Kisi Ko
Mala & Others - Yeh Raat Mastani Diwani
Mehdi Hassan - Chehre - Pe Na Zulfen
The Damned - Torture Me
Broken Crayons - Dick
Flu.id - Enthymem
Lowrider - Lamensha
Bootsy - JR
Hasil Adkins - Let Me Come In
Modern Lovers - Astral Plane
Gun Club - Promise Me
Wes Dakus - Sour Biscuits
Flu.id - New Imperial Sadism
Archagathus - Russian Roullette
Shonen Knife - Summertime Boogie
Resurrection Experience - Do What I Do
Gilbert & Sullivan - Behold The High Lord Executioner
Echo & the Bunnymen - Pictures on My wall

Tonight's new Music comes from Flu.ID!!!


More next week!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Show #98

Far-Gone Accumulator/April 16th, 2008
LISTEN HEAR = 04-16-08.mp3 =
Gerd Böttcher - In Der Twist Spelunke...
Operacion Alboroto - Buscando un Destino
Betty Johnson - The Little Blue Man
Acid King - Electric Machine
The Muggs - Gonna Need My Help
Saint Vitus - White Magic/Black Magic
Al Hibbler - Danny Boy
Jefferson County - City Billy
Joe Morris - Anytime Anyplace Anywhere
Corky Jones - Rhythm & Booze
Ruth Brown - Teardrops from My Eyes
Ike & Tina - I'm Hooked
Ann-Margaret - Gimme Love
Surfaris - Beat '65
Buddy/Dizzy/Oscar/Lester - Blues
Earth - The Driver
Can - Father Cannot Yell
Stick McGhee - One Monkey Don't Stop No Show
Danny Wheeler - Teenie Weenie Man
The Clovers - Don't You Know I Love You
Bennie Hess - Wild Hog Hop
Cardinals - Shouldn't I Know
Darryl Vincent - Wild Wild Party
Joe Turner - The Chill is On
Gerd Böttcher - Rock-A-Hula Baby
Buddy Rich & Alla Rakha - Tal Sawari
Gerd Böttcher - Surrender
Earth - Rise to Glory
Muggs - Rollin B-Side BLues
Can - Mary Mary So Contrary
Joe Turner - Chains of Love
Telli Mills - Ain't Goin' Home
Clovers - Fool Fool Fool
Johnny Bucket - Let me Play With yo Poodle
Clovers - One Mint Julep
Acid king - Free
Operacion Alboroto - Broken Bodies
Saint Vitus - Saint Vitus
Cardinals - Wheel of Fortune
Frantics Four - Down By The Old Mill Stream

New EARTH tonight, similar to their Hex material, slowly theya re becoming more & more intricate...melike.





Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Show #97

Far-Gone Accumulator/April 9th, 2008
Listen Hyare!!! ---
04-09-08.mp3 ---
Dubmatix - conquered kingdoms
non-stop everything - back alley shadow hustle
winchester club - britney sings lullabies....
van allen bellt - so it goes
dubmatix - high crimes
van allen bellt - way up
operacion alboroto - invasion
rogers bros - bonanza
bob luman - private eye
otis redding - the happy song
shadows - guitar tango
hank snow - don't hang around me anymore
rave-ons - the line
wes harrison - fun with sound effects
orlons - them terrible boots
bastard sons of a rock n roll devil - that sound (live)
sabazius - XXIII
operacion alboroto - to have and to have not
van allen bellt - alaska dreaming
winchester club - song for c-pij
dilatiazione - wendy carlos
non-stop everything - the shaft
buddy rich and alla rakha - kanda kafl

wow! this show was nearly all great new tunes, there'll be more early rock next week. Look out for bsoarnrd's ep out soon!


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Show #96

Far-gone Accumulator/April 2nd, 2008

Listen Here!!! ---04-02-08.mp3 ---

Bastard Sons of a Rock n Roll Devil - Ghost Train
Cause for Effect - Barbaric Response
Moongoat - Making the Pain
Cause for Effect - p
Dubmatix - Killing Dub
Van Allen Bellt - Dr Laymans Terms
Nonstop Everything - Loafers for Real
Van Allen Bellt - The Hills are Alive
Sparkles - The Hip
Myron Lee - Homicide
Coasters - I Must Be Dreamin
Terry Clements - She's My Baby Doll
Bonniwe & Fuzz - Thunderbird Road
Stones - Sing This All Together
Roy Orbison - I Can't Stop Loving you
Jimi Hendrix - Win Your Love
Van McCoy - The Disco Kid
Diter bit Kah Oleh - tamal Gemala Sari
Sabazius - Occult
Dubmatix - Rightful Ruler Dub
Boris - Statement
Lorna Bennett - Dancing to My Own Heartbeat
Pink Floyd - One of These Days
Isaac Hayes - Fever
REM - Can't Get There From Here
Enargeia - Modernity Sux ass
Cause for Effect - Dynamic Bass Boost Level...
BSOARNRD - Skin & Bones
Cause for Effect - Dubmatix
Cosmic Experience
Nonstop everything - Disco Crisco
Van Allen Bellt - River Hive
Nonstop Everything - Marriage Dance
Larry Donn - Thats what i call a ball
Rudy Green - Juicy Fruit
Imps - Thatll Git it
Bob Vidone - Going my Way
Incredible Kings - The Chain
Frantics Four - TV Mama
Tommy Blake - All Night Long
the Crazy Teens - Crazy Date
Larry Donn - Honey Bun
Eddie Smalling - Jeannie
Brand Ne Sabazius....Check it owut the entire album is now available as a free download. Speaking of goodies http://www.dubmatix.com
Leave him a message, that you want him in your city! Bastard Sons of a Rock n Roll Devil are hard at work on their EP... you'll get anudder taste next week!!
Far-Gone Accumulator can be heard Tuesday evenings from 12-3am CST on 91.3fm CJTR, or on the web.