Thursday, December 31, 2009

Show #181

January 6th, 2010
cramps - what's inside a girl
autry inman - it would be a doggone lie
sandy nelson - the birth of the beat
coki triple six
pete rock - a little soul
gong - master builder
the atlantics - bombora, moonman, express to baghdad, the bow man, on the rampage, war of the worlds, giant, mirage, bumble boogie
ringo hour 14 side 1 seg 1
sandy nelson - let there be drums
ringo hour 14 side 1 seg 2
gong - a sprinkling of clouds
pete rock - play dis only at night
the harptones - a sunday kind of love
cramps - get off the road
walter davis - sweet sixteen
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Show #180

December 30th, 2009
johnny carroll -corinne, corrina
thunper jones - rock it
jackie lee cochran - ruby pearl
red foley - rockin' & reelin'
speedy west & jimmy bryant - china boy
benga - middle man
nusrar fateh ali khan - kise daa yaar na vichre
orange goblin - shine
ringo hour 13 side 2 seg1
orange goblin - snail hook
ringo hour 13 side 2 seg 2
scoot wood - chicken rock
nobody's children - good times
the king beez - i gotta move
patrice halloway - do the del-viking
eddie jones - certainly all
savoys - slappin' rods & leaky oil
006 - like what, me worry?
big beats - beware
the four sounds - mama ubangi bangi
marquis chimps - red rose tea
speedy west & jimmy bryant - stratosphere boogie
scarletts - dear one
pine top - every day i have the blues
coronets - nadine
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Show #178

Δ Far-Gone Accumulator Δ
December 16th, 2009
Listen here! 12-16-09.mp3
roy hall - whole lotta shakin' goin' on
lucky wray - whatcha say honey
don woody - make like a rock and roll
tabarnacos surfers - l'ile aux folles
egyptians - party stomp
gunsmoke - every hour
dezurik sisters - arizona yodeller
elmore james - blacksnake blues
alexandre navarro - karma debut
artwork - red
u.t.f.o. - roxanne roxanne
acid mothers temple - bois-tu de la biere
cool sticky -train to soulsville
nicky thomas & delores - red eye
trinity - slim thing
sir lord comic - doctor feelgood
joe gibbs & the professionals - six foot six
the mighty two - earthquake
joe gibbs - god bless the children (version)
ringo hour 13 side 1 seg 1
ringo hour 13 side 1 seg 2
acid mothers temple - trinite orphique
gunsmoke - won't be back
tabarnacos surfers - matin de lune
platters - maggie doesn't work here anymore
minnie mccoy - selling my pork chops
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Monday, December 07, 2009

Show #177

Δ Far-Gone Accumulator Δ
December 9th, 2009
polk brothers - caravan rock
joey castle - that ain't nothin' but right
ronnie self - you're so right for me
junior dean & the avalons - chick chick
rod willis - the cat
steve rowe & the furys - minor chaos
tyrone schmidling - you're gone but i'm left
billy barrix - almost
herbie duncan - hot lips baby
marvin rainwater - tennessee hound dog yodel
billy harlan - i wanna bop
ray smith - gone baby gone
johnny bell - flip flop & fly
los caminos - torro torro
albert ayler - spirits
full blown cherry - blitzkrieg bop
over drive - beat on the brat
schliessmuskel - judy ist ei punk
junkyard dogs - i wanna be your boyfriend
f.a.n.t.a. - sheena is a punk rocker
ramines - pinhead
las vin up - rockaway beach
die arzte - wikinjugend hat mein madchen
ringo hr 12 side 2 seg1
dead boys - little girl
ringo hr 12 side 2 seg2
siegal/schwall - i s.p.y. blues
blues creation - atomic bombs away
dj shadow & cut chemist - hard sell (excerpt 1)
cut chemist - the altitude, storm
dj shadow & cut chemist - hard sell (excerpt 2)
ramones - blitzkreig bop, beat on the brat, judy is a punk, i wanna be your boyfriend, sheena is a punk rocker, pinhead, rockaway beach, the kkk took my baby away
dead boys - what love is
los caminos - tijuana standoff
blues creation - mississippi mountain blues

Wow! a good full 3 hours (just like old times!) of tunes. Last week I played The Sound Syndicate's "Little Girl" which I had found earlier that day at a thrift shop. Well the very next day I happended across The Dead Boys' debut with a cover of the same tune! Other weird and eerie coincidences, how did I know Monty Python's "A Minute Past" skit would come on at 12:01? I didn't, honest! The Siegal/Schwall album was another lucky find just hours before air.

& in case you were wondering about the picture, my ipod finally kicked it. Turning that negative around into a moment of rare inspiration, I've started a podcast that you can subcribe through itunes or play off the podomatic site! Each episode will be a half hour choice morsel from the show following my format of oldies to newbies!

Ch-ch-ch-check it!
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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Show #176

Far-Gone Accumulator

December 2nd, 2009



chuck & bill - way out there

sonny burgess - we wanna boogie

johnny carroll - tying to get to you

eric dolphy - something sweet something tender

randy newman - naked man

crush crew - on the radio

linton kwesi johnson - 5 nights of bleeding

death row - commited to vengeance

harmonic 313 - word problems

flying lotus - stunts

samiyam - (untitled)

rob sparx - sludge

parson - the night of the hunter

ebola - portland 2cb

ringo hour 12 side 1 seg1

syndicate of sound - little girl

lkj - defense dub

ringo hour 12 side 1 seg2

death row - run my course

randy newman - louisiana '27

eric dolphy - les

leroy carr - when the sun goes down

[ O e Y N "