Thursday, October 19, 2006

Show #23

Show #23
Far-Gone Accumulator/October 18, 2006
Neil Hefti - Batman Theme
Sol - Souvenirs D'un Manteau
Nelson Riddle - Batman Riddles the Riddler
Al Boliska & Bill Brady - Worst jokes
Pentagram - Review Your Choices
Deadbolt - Blacktop Fever
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Spy School Grad Theme
Gary Usher - Driven Insane
Ollie Strong & Kenny Hepburn - St. Louis Blues
The Creation - How Does It Feel To Feel
Nelson Riddle - Batusi A-Go-Go
Kenny Hepburn - Stalkin'
Neil Hefti - Sewer Lady
Reign Ghost - Standing Room Only Mr. Mars
Nelson Riddle - Two Perfectly Ordinary People
Nelson Riddle - Batman Theme
Neil Flanz - Star Route
Memphis Morticians - Undertaker & His Pals
Rudy Ekes - Star Spangled Banner
Hasil Adkins - Rock The Blues
Memphis Morticians - Primitive Trashman
Ollie Strong & Kenny Hepburn - Stealing The Blues
Wayne Walker - All I Can Do Is Cry
Ollie Strong & Kenny Hepburn - Steel Guitar Rag
Pentagram - Much Too Young To Know
Nelson Riddle - Holy hole In The Doughnut
Neil Flanz - Steeling HomeNeil Hefti - The Mafista
Le Vieux Show Son Sale - Stella Daily Breakfast Blues
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - 13
Deja Voodoo - Monsters in My Garage
Pere Marcel-Marie Desmarais - Ste-Therese De Montreal
Nelson Riddle - To The Batmobile
Donn Reynolds - Stockmans Lullaby
The Creation - Through My Eyes
Nightstalkers - Ritchie's Mind's A Mess
Jim Murray - Strangest Dream
Keith Courvale - Trapped Love
Deja Voodoo - Stuff & Things
Neil Hefti - Holy Diploma Batman! .... Straight A's!
Roy Brown - Party Doll
Dayglo Abortions - Stupid songs
Nightstalkers - Tombstone Hop

My Batman show! i don't think I've had a singular theme run through a show yet so this was a little different. This show also had some brand spankin bass slappin' new tunes from the likes of the Memphis Morticians and Nightstalkers!

Enjoy these three song from this lil' bit o sharity! I have another record from this artist doing a Beatles track you don a wanna miss!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Show #22

Show #22
Far-Gone Accumulator/October 11, 2006
julia lee & her boyfriends - it comes in like a lion
stanley macdonald - roger the miller
andre williams - pass the biscuits
rudy ekes - rosalinda waltz
continental cousins - peppermint twist
che - pray for rock
john charles picardy - roses of picardy
hasil adkins - she said
marie hare - round her mantle so green
tesla - morse
the burns - i saw her standing there
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - rover & rusty
wes dakus - el ringo
stompin tom - roving all over the land
miki obata & the outcast - jane jane
cherry wainer - tico tico
g.w. manning - case 4
the sparkles - girls girls girls
al boliska & bill brady - world's worst jokes
link wray - the swag
julia lee & her boyfriends - i know it's wrong (the diet song)
stompin tom - rubberhead
the cougars - j & a
g.w. manning - case 8
hasil adkins - ha ha cat walk baby
the bosch - borg warner, four on the floor
donn reynolds - salt brush sue
ennio morricone - comeune sentenza
g.w. manning - case 12
dean beard - i need your love
astroglides - margaya
joe hunter - church in the wildwood
the mongols & piki soul - nautiloid reef
joe hunter - how great thou art
piki soul - have a cookie
ennio morricone - l'homme, l'harmonica
rudy ekes - old time polka
hank mizell - jungle rock
pere marcel marie desmarais - servant et clochette
the mongols & piki soul - train to satanville
aswad - roots rockin'
les chantels - shaggy baggy joe
olive green - the doo bad hustle

So, second show using themes, I think it's working well, if there is anybody out there who would like to comment on them I'd like to hear it.
Tonight's show featured some new music, a really cool laid back hip-hop instrumental "The Doo Bad Hustle" by Olive Green on Candlewax Records you can check them out here or here

This song is from a record "The Songs of Chang Siao Ying". Now whether or not it is actually her singing is the question, because I believe there is a compilation available with the same song credited to Chang Siao Ying and it is definately a different recording. I've had people say this song is both catchy and annoying with it's "yay yayaya yayaya ya yay".

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Show #21

Show #21
Far-Gone Accumulator/October 4, 2006
Harry Lubin Orch. - Fear
Julia Lee & Her Boyfriends - The Spinach Song
Stompin Tom - Oh Laura
Arthur Godfrey & Archie Bleyer - Too Fat Polka
G.W. Manning - Case 6
Black Uhuru - Right Stuff
Creed Taylor Orch. - Gloomy Sunday
Joe Hunter - Old Rugged Cross
Space Cossacks - The Defector
Rudy Ekes - Old Spinning Wheel
Astroglides - Time Bomb
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Need You
Rudy Ekes - Old Time Polka
High on Fire - Cometh Down Hessian
Rudy Ekes - Old Time Waltz
Les Baxter - Terror
The Instrumentals - Are You Nervous
J. Diefenbaker - Old Tomorrow
Mountain - Theme for an Imaginary Western
J. Diefenbaker - Old Tomorrow in Washington
Beastie Boys - Hail Sagan
Sir Finks - Double Buck
Red Newman - O-O-O-Ozone
Abner Jay - Vietnam
G.W. Manning - Case 9
The Swaggers - Gasoline
Doctor Ross - Terra Mae
Jim Murray - Orange Man
Motorhead - Iron Fist
Bill McNeill - Out of the Shack & into the House
Ed Lincoln - Balanco Azul
The Misunderstood - Children of the Sun
G.W. Manning - Case 10
Tammy Wynette - Good
Edward Hamilton - Pack Up Your Troubles
Jerry McCain - Steady
Black Keys - The Desparate Man
Ollie Strong & Kenny Hepburn - Panhandle Rag
Soledad Brothers - Mysterious Ways
Le Couer D'Une Femme - Parle Lui
Neal Hefti - Arsenic in the Face
Kenyon Hopkins - Lilith-end title

Tried something new this week, I've added an opening & closing theme. The theme from Outer Limits has always given me chills & has a very cool dramatic ending leading to the first selection. The ending title has this spent and weary feeling like you've just gotten off a merry-go-round that ran longer than you expected. I've edited both to fit in with the show so from now on they won't be the original duration. Oh yeah, there's also background music while I'm talking, just little snippets of tunes.
Now, as far as this week's sharity, I don't know what the guy's name is, but he looks like he just wants to entertain you. So check it out. One last thing, I'm sure the last song isn't about a certain online auction site, but it's fun to pretend it is!

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