Friday, October 31, 2008

Show #125/Russian Jazz Quartet

Far-Gone Accumulator/November 5th, 2008
Listen, learn --- 11-05-08.mp3 ---
chachi on acid - bridge under troubled water
the lost patrol - blue bikini
rich bennett - foghorns
cathedral - templars arise
harry partch - chorus of shadows
shaggs - why do i feel
david marks & the marksmen - sheriff of noddingham
bootsy's rubber band
doctor ross - boogie disease
prisonaires - just walkin in the rain
surfteens - point surf
surfriders - surf beat
tandems - beyond the surf
kenny & the friends - moonshot
elvis presley - mystery train
candybar planet - billy, i'm gonna get that woman
fall electric - faithless friend
chachi on acid - i'm gonna be sick
black flag - jealous again
jesus lizard - queen for a day
digable planets - 9th wonder
new york dolls - babylon
jerry jerry & the sons of rhythm orchestra - how can people be so wrong
guitar wolf - roaring blood
morkobot - tobokrom
city beat band - don't fake the funk
johnny darrow - spider walk
vandellas - come and get these memories
dirge - hollow
calamus - these days
harry partch - pilgrimage
lost patrol - stars collide
slow dancing society - sun spots
jesus lizard - associate
guitar wolf - cyborg kids
jerry jerry - upstairs thinking
new york dolls - stranded in the jungle
black flag - revenge
celestial season - morning theft
shaggs - who are parents
new tonite, slow dancing society, fall electric as well as rich bennett all available through Hidden Shoal!!!!!+!
und now!!! enjoy the Russian Jazz quartet!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Show #124/Pixies

Far-Gone Accumulator/October 29th, 2008

lissen u don no wot ur missin --- 08-29-08.mp3 ---


saint vitus - clear windowpane

pixies - where is my mind

lost patrol - heaven herein

whodini - i'm def

let there be theremin - rockabilly explosion

cramps - human fly

gene vincent - rollin danny

elmo williams - mother's dead

bloody hollies - swing

r.l. burnside - going down south

wes dakus - pink canary

carl perkins - matchbox

don redman - chant of the weed

revels - tough soul

brand nubian - punks jump up to get beat down

major force - hand made

bill justis - raunchy

frankie newtow - onyx hop

public enemy - plastic nation

tommy blake - shake around

sabazius - the goat

lost patrol - run wild

ltbt - prisoner's revenge

blacks - foggy minded breakdown

gene vincent - should i ever love again

gris gris - everytime

surfaris - exotic

writing on the wall - lucifer corpus

travellers - spanish moon

parliament - flashlight

pat hare - i'm gonna murder my baby

ananda shankar - jumpin jack flash

black moses - won't let go

steady b - bring the beat back

modest mouse - life like weeds

terrorizer - after world obliteration

r.l. burnside - see what by buddy done

cramps - uranium rock

elmo williams - insane instrumental

chuck berry - maybelline

wes dakus - road block

chuck berry - in the wee wee hours

boulder - funeral day

pixies - monkey gone to heaven

modest mouse - whenever you breath out

reigning sound - you got me hummin

Tonight's feature prezuntation is a new ltd. ed. trk. from eng. own


"the goat is an 18 minute doom masterpiece! get your copy from deadpilot records!

NOW ENJOY! --- pick-seize.rar ---

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Show #123/Ice-T

Far-Gone Accumulator/October 22nd, 2008
Listen & Hear! --- 08-22-08.mp3 ---
let there be theremin - 80cc's from hell
x-ray spex - i am a cliche
sleep - sonic titan
ostinato - the art of vanishing
fireballs of freedom - panties off
johnny cash - long black veil (unearthed)
man or astroman - polaris
pete turland - the devil in me
los teen tops - a tu puerta toque
tornadoes - bustin surfboards
chan romero - i want some more
jelly roll morton - winin boy
sodsai chaengkij - the boat that i row
bennie maupen - water torture
sakarin boonpit - peelah
mike longo - like a thief in the night
payom moogda - loomsiah
unknowns - teenage terrorist
electric sex circus - head off
sleep - dopesmoker (begin)
esquerita - esquerita and the voola - rockin the joint - wait a minute baby - oh baby - hole in my heart - i live the life i love - katie mae - hey miss lucy - gettin plenty of lovin - please come home
sleep - dopesmoker (concl)
ostinato - antiaircraft
ltbt - a kick in the ass and a firm handshake
federation x - song about that sweet lovin woman

A Show as long as all the others but with the mega epic doom bonged out DOPESMOKER takin up all the space in my head. Originally "Jerusalem" Dopesmoker is in fact a longer heavier mix...with the bonus "Sonic Titan" on TeePee Records.
NOW enjoy some early Ice-T!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Show #122/Larry Lee and The Leesures

far-gone accumulator/october 15th, 2008
ostinato - monkey gestures
morkobot - morto part 3
bad beers - last wave of the season
gun club - she's like heroin to me
knoxville girls - 'neath a cold gray tomb of stone
chang lou - when will you come back again
teenage head - you're tearing me apart
mahmoud ahmed - atawuru legn lela
yiu peng - don't say i'm silly
in excelsis - carnival of the gullible
marionettes - absolution
tsegue maryam guebrou - mother's love
pater nembrot - madria
soul plow - man of danger
bad beers - surfing the gauntlet
sly williams - i believe in a woman
gun club - for the love of ivy
high noon - glory bound
sonics - the witch
high noon - crazy fever
jiraphand ong-ard - siamese boxing
500 millas - play with me
warsaw - do like the natives
the cat - meow
virapat piengsuwan - love passion
extroverts - living in poverty
the royal sprites - noom rai por
melvin sparks - who's gonna take the weight
ostinato - goal of all believers
soul plow - dylan's song
alien sex fiend - it lives again
knoxville girls - 50ft high, 50ft down
velvette fog - i'm so glad
soul plow - tear it down
alien sex fiend - dead & buried
A show similar to last week as far as new artists so just a reminder... go and pre-order your copy of the latest morkobot soon!!!!
and be sure to sneak a peek at soulplow!
Now, here's something to go along with the Bob Davies track I posted weeks back! This spanned both sides of the 45, with a little editing, I offer you a single bite-sized morsel!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Show #121

Far-Gone Accumulator/October 8th, 2008
Listen Here!!!---10-08-08.mp3---
pater nembrot - collirio d'oltremare
morkobot - morto (part one)
soul plow - mission highway
charles mingus - solo dancer
trashmen - maleguena
tornados - exodus
bad beers - paranoid love
gli stereo - il volo del calabrone
willie wright & his sparklers - gibble gobble
johnny & the baa baas - move along
jaguars - exit 6
tommy smith jr trio - coleslaw
fox all stars - mosiah dub
adverts - bored teenagers
rockin bellmarx - torture rock
lowrider - texas
soul plow - my only friend
digital underground - no nose job
cathedral - neophytes of the serpent eve (live)
joe meek & the blue men - entry of the globbots
gianmaria testa - tuareg
los caminos - kings of the boulevard
joe meek & the Blue men - magnetic field
pookey blow - get up & go to school
sonny rollins - shout it out
swarf sisters - palestine
negatives - echos
pointer sisters - how long
morkobot - morto part 2
allesandra belloni - pizzicarella
los caminos - dark sea
bad beers - skate
charles mingus - duet solo dancers
gli stereo - thunderball
ventures - tall cool one
tornados - granada
ventures - walkin with pluto
soul plow - tent revival
exploited - don't pay the poll tax
NEW Neu NOO music from Soul Plow!
and Pater Nembrot!
Tonight featured brand new music from Italy's MORKOBOT!

The disc "MORTO" is due out in November so here's a taste!

"Morto is the final chapter of Morkobot's first trilogy. After the self title album and Mostro, the trio (Lin, Lan, Len) has realized a single long track, creating with two basses and drums an incredible maze of soinds. Morkobot leads the listener into the ocean of “Death concept” and its value as “Reborn”.This is Morkobot, all the rest is dead." - Supernaturalcat

Visit the Label & Pre-Order now!!!