Thursday, September 30, 2010

Show #216

October 5th, 2010
pacheko - hielo seco
ebola - neck sprain
piranha piranha - kush chic
vex'd - crusher dub
ill. gates - sweat shop
goth-trad - genesis
horsepower productions - damn it
jakes - two steps back
palmatron - dark side
skream - filth
d.struct.o - cntrl/alt/del
el haijn - in control
the bug - jah war
daega sound system - s.o.s.
caspa - rubber chicken
datsik - nuke 'em
distance - traffic
excision - wasted
skream - make me
blake - leave us alone
skream - 2d
boxcutter - bug octet
head hunter - sushi brain
charlie p - on the couch
tes la rok - no need 2 be nasty
distance - koncrete
zomby - kaliko
shitmat - that track
desto & mindman - one ting (tes la rok rmx)
artwork - red
pinch - punisher
marlow - colossus
benga - middle man
vex'd - 3rd choice
milanese - barry dub
coki - triple six
boxcutter - chiral
kutz - travelling
roots manuva - witness dub
wonder - what (geeneus rmx)
Hope those who tuned in enjoyed this year's Radiothon edition of "Far-Gone Accumulator"! Hope you didn't get queezy from the bass, it was a lot of fun to do & I thank those who called in & pledged.
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( O e Y N " )

Show #215

September 28th, 2010
asian pop (what abots did my mother?) - b-3
chab, moose jaw
asian pop (what abots did my mother) - a-4
cherry wainer - leichte kavallerie
spade nielson - chick a mou man
deja voodoo - gotta have money
gbh - limp wristed
girlschool - the hunter
led zeppelin - let's have a party, i can't quit you (liverpool, jan. 14th 1973)
david gilmour - mihalis
gbh - future fugitive
deja voodoo - take out the trash
sonny lester - the cad of baghdad
spade nielson - country a go-go
albert king - cadillac assembly line
cfls, weyburn
cherry wainer - schlittschuhlaufer
little richard -the girl can't help it
millionaires - arkansas jane
steve alaimo - she's my baby
yardbirds - putty (in your hands)
coasters - 3 cool cats
shades of night - fluctuation
forbidden dimension - operacion 69
captain beefheart - frownland
raymond scott - cindy electronium
pure human music - it's roca craze
prince jazzbo - i bust it in the name of jah
slugabed - pressure
misfits - some kinda hate
kyuss - one inch man, hurricane
sunn o))) - alice
captain beefheart - the dust blows forward, the dust blows back
yardbirds - i ain't got you
combustable edison - a shot in the dark
triumphs - surfside date
flamingos - jump children
al garris - that's all
lavern baker - jim dandy
miklos grabocz - it's raining, quietly drizzling/i told you so, wife/good heavens, my shirt/i love you not because of that
victor jara - questions about puerto montt
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Show #214

September 21st, 2010
lil marcy - i tuned in on heaven
house of knives - death museum
kv mahadevan - bheekaramou sri ramabanam
ti-gus - les boutons d'culotte
johnny cash - doin' my time
the clash - hateful
syrinx - tumblers to the vault
iron butterfly - slower than guns
ac/dc - meanstreak, kissin' dynamite
iron butterfly - easy rider
syrinx - syren
rick james - high on your love suite
ahmad jamal - aki & ukthay
ti-gus - naissance et romance
kv mahadevan - sri yuthamou sri ramapadam
mongols - sleepwalk
lil marcy - wake up
cozy cole's big seven - caravan pt1
bob gaddy - no help wanted
lil millet & his creoles - rich woman
sidney "guitar crusher" shelby - i got to know
bill swing - messed up
johnny chef - can't stop movin'
kid thomas - rockin' this joint tonite
trinity - give a helping hand
dubkinetik - self-destruct
winter - into darkness
clara rockmore - valse sentimentale
rahat nusrat fateh ali khan - i have been afflicted by separation
buddy johnson - walk the chalk line
jimmy strange - yas yas yas
lindsey powers - jump the gun
bo diddley - bo diddley
big three trio - after awhile
sonny warner w/big jay mcneely - psycho serenade
serge garant - plages
peter schickele - beethoven's 5th (new horizons in musical appreciation)
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Show #213

September 14th, 2010

duane eddy - the fuzzy twist
chang siao ying - a-2
big luke sykes - sugar bowl stomp
al plunkett - o gee o gosh o golly
allan kelly - le petite moine
box tops - break my mind
joe hunter - the waltz you saved for me
black sabbath - hole in the sky
boris - huge, hama
black sabbath - symptom of the universe
john williams - jaws theme
hank karr - phantom of the arctic
star bennett - my word
bobby jaspar - struttin with some barbeque
angelo dornan - pretty susan
joe hunter - gold mine in the sky
chang siao ying - a-2nd last
duane eddy - hard times twist
allen page - sugar tree
aggie dukes - john john
frankie lee sims - she likes to boogie real low
little julian herrera - true fine mama\
victoria spivey & red allen's orch. - how do they do it that way
mojo watson - look a there
wade curtiss & the rhythm kings - puddy cat
charles dodge - he destroyed her image
king tubby - roots of dub
seven - saturn
ac/dc - for those about to rock, we salute you, evil walks
guild of destruction - suffering the beast
philip glass - mata grosso
daltones - bowlegged annie
barons - samurai
frank dalton - cruised
georgia white - if i can't sell it, i'll keep sittin on it before i give it away
silhouettes - miss thing
cadets - stranded in the jungle
elvis - change of habit
rex de la torre - leyenda

O e Y N " )

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Show #212

August 31st, 2010

shadows - the stranger
huevos rancheros - evacuation
ventures - out of limits
leonard maclain -warsaw concerto
pere marcel-marie desmarais - un professionel du sourir
guy chookoorian - no real
rudy ekes - redwing polka
syrinx - father of light
mountain - blood of the sun (live)
syrinx - appaloosa pegasus
mountain - guitar solo (live)
pere marcel-marie desmarais - servant et clochette
lily tomlin - mr. veedles
rudy ekes - rosalinda waltz
weird-ohs - davy the psycho cyclist
huevos rancheros - whiteout in wyoming
ventures -lonely bull
shadows - f.b.i.
dale hawkins - suzy q
harmonica frank - rock a little baby
tempests - rockin' rochester
piano slim - whammy in the gizmo
alberta hunter - you can't tell the difference after dark
icky renrut - the rooster
daryl britt and the blue jeans - lover lover
lionel hampton - i'm in the mood to swing
gangi - region one
big joe - trying to wreck
vex'd - bar kimura
black flag - rise above
guild of destruction - brutal as cunt, mutating the gene
noisia - machine gun (amon tobin rmx)
black flag - spray paint the walls
gangi - region two
lionel hampton - stompology
papa lightfoot - jumpi with jarvi
julia lee & her boyfriends - give me what you got
ronnie jones & his classmates - teenage rock
coot grant & kid wesley - get off with me
screamin' jay hawkins - i hear voices
leo the lion records - when batman became a coward
gene loves jezebel - tarantula bop
castells - little sad eyes
O e Y N " )