Thursday, September 04, 2008

Show #117

Far-Gone Accumulator/September 3rd, 2008

Listen Heeer! +++ 09-03-08.mp3 +++


pentagram - be forewarned (first daze here too)
fluid - estonia flutet die titanic

the sickening - violent female circumcision
ryan j boyd - the corners of the earth

fu manchu - el don

stone roses - made of stone

pretty things - sf sorrow is born

small faces - collibosher

monty python - a minute past

preston epps - mister bongos

sonny terry and brownie mcghee - whoopin blues

los brioles - nacido torcido

phantom - love me

mighty two - earthquake

bongo herman - orthodox drums

nebula - full throttle
rhythm addicts - oomp boomp
lord sundance - pretty lord sundance
i are droid - serenade
augustus pablo - chock full of dub

noisemakers - panic
fluid - zuegli
fu manchu - ojo rojo
ryan j boyd - wilderness of sin
interstellar genocide - thy dark majesty
stone roses - sally cinnamon
moongooners - moongoon twist
monty python - all things rude and nasty
riptides - machine gun
kalasandro - forbidden city
james boys - ah ha crazy part one
super stocks - midnight run
american four - soul food
richie allen and the pacific surfers - quiet surf
general echo - rapping dubstyle
the heads - mao tinitus
jfa - standing on the verge
unknown chinese pop artist - o bla di o bla da
jfa - do the hannigan
government issue - world caved in
interstellar genocide - i am the eternal night
sickening - obsessed with the dead
ryan j boyd - white robed pilgrims
bulgarian womens choir - yana beautiful yana
small faces - lazy sunday
janis martin - blues keep callin
los brioles - neighbours sound
pentagram - show em how
pretty things - bracelets of fingers
walter brown and his band - jelly roll rock
Tonite, newness frum die black metal scene! Interstellar Genocide is a unique collaboration between America and Germany best summed up on their site!
Also plenty other great tracks, especially from Spain's Los Brioles! "Train of Fools" is one of my all time favourites!