Thursday, June 26, 2008

Show #108

Far-Gone Accumulator/June 25th, 2008

Listen up! --- 06-25-08.mp3 ---

high on fire - eyes and teeth
bastard sons of a rock n roll devil - no excuse
brain washing machine - trust in you
tragic comic - prisoner
mysterians - a-bomb
pete turland - drawing the line
the jades - surfer crow
bad beers - paranoid love
ron-de-voos - pipeline '66
last knight - shadow of fear
the losers - snake eyes
sophie tucker - horse playin papa
dovells - dance the froog
buck claytons allstars - special bc
crowbar - prince of peace
xavier cugat - bread love and cha cha cha
art of noise - a nation rejects
sabazius - terror is thy name
fanny adams - ain't no loving left
the movers - spacial job
humphrey and the dumptrucks - i broke a promise
offenbach - edgar
oze duguay - san antonio rose
brain washing machine - a love story
bsoarnrd - come out at night
tragic comic - please don't let me down
glass harp - changes
emeralds - earthquake
tabarnacos surfers - hot rod
the 5 more - avalanche
huevos rancheros - diamond head
tragic comic - sr
high on fire - blessed black wings
pete turland - dust bowl devil
centuries - 4th dimension
ray gerdson and the yellow jackets - fattie hattie
A good slab of Canadiana tonight! For those unfamilair with what the GWN can offer Rock n Roll -wise, get wise!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Show #107

Far-Gone Accumulator/June 18th, 2008

You Listen right now --- 06-18-08.mp3 ---


Bastard sons of a rock n roll devil - bury the living

danzig - possession

dj dedtony - i see money

tom waits - rainbirds

black flag - black coffee

husky and the sandmen - arabian nights

paul perryman - satellite fever, asiatic flu

bambi molesters - long gun

sonny sheather - orbit with me

wade curtis - rompin

ventures - el cumbanchero

japanese beatles - beatle song

shadows - frightened city

vangelis - creation de monde

noor jehan - ham ko jeene ke liye

mariee sioux - wizard flurry home

dj dedtony - i'm on paypa

tragic comic - journey into the unknown

butch paulson - man from mars

shadowy men on a shadowy planet - who's afraid of alyson...

nelson young - rock old sputnick

mando and the chili peppers - congo mambo

las gardenias - what's the matter with me

prince jesse - sarah lee

bandidos - bandido

ginger johnson - lord morocco

mala - ho sake to jhoon

kk kong - monster walking

kay gardner - luna muse

elvis - santa bring my baby back

john g diefenbaker - laurier's tribute

tragic comic - dementia

mariee sioux - buried in teeth

bsoarnrd - going home to die

motorhead - turn you round again

tom waits - down down down

bambi molesters - hawaii joe

weldon rogers - i'm building a ? on the moon

husky and the sandmen - batcave

dj dedtony - scrublyfe

tragic comic - ar you ready for us?

danzig - evil thing

smoasp - dewey drops of spring

Get your clickin' finger ready, tonight I played new tunes from Portugal's Tragic Comic. They have a neato interactive CD called "Welcome to my Show"

Next we have the return of DJ Dedtony, with the Phoney Fresh Crew & a disc entitled "Scrublyfe" with isn't nearly as interactive but makes a fine shaving mirror as well as deliverer of phat beats and the dopest of rhymez.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Show #106

Far-Gone Accumulator/June 11th, 2008
Listen Here --- 06-11-08.mp3 ---
bulbul - shuguang
mariee sioux - bundles
place of skulls - last hit
cornelius - mic check
the dantes - zebra shoot
link wray - slinky
chancellors - mach one
eddie cletro - flying saucer boogie
napoleons - attention
jimmy lloyd - rocket in my pocket
gamma rays - infinity
sonny day - creature from outer space
inayat hussain bhatti - dam ishq da
damian luca - repizita
naseem begum - wajan maran
deee-lite - good beat
noor jehan - asan te ai/toon na doleen
dave alvin - 4th of july
kin of ettins - forest of sunlight & shadow
bulbul - shenzhou
cryptopsy - defenstration
deltron - mastermind
trans am - balbados
sherwoods - tickler
jackie fauteree - 1st man on mars
eric et les gamins - les maraudeurs
ray anderson - sputniks and muttniks
les miserables - vivre avec toi
sonny russell - 50 megatonnes
bill friel & the fabulous furies - fort lauderdale usa
noor jehan & naseem - ho be imana teri/dil kamla
dave edmunds - girls talk
noor jehan - barkar barri
clyde the clown - old time religion
noor jehan - dilbar hami/bismillah ji
mariee sioux - flowers and blood
kin of ettins - waking memory
bulbul - tighter
cryptopsy - abigor
cornelius - micro disneycal world tour
the futuras - mile zero
carl & norman - shootin for the moon
les sinners - nice try
jackie lowell - rocket trip
place of skulls - with vision
trans am - enforcer
norman frechette - j'etudis mon grec
terry dunavan - rock on mars

Plenty of rare instros for you to chew on, and for you with more modern tastes we have Bulbul and Mariee Sioux. A few selections from a doom classic, "With Vision" featuring Wino & victor Griffin!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Show #105

Far-Gone Accumulator/June 4th, 2008


Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley - She's Alright

Bulbul - When Sun Comes Out

Ghost in the Water - Not Afraid of Falling

Denari - Mama Don't Cry

Gum - Gun in a Black hole

Slow Beings - Nil By Rote

Fabulous Wailers - Frenzy

Grandmaster Flash - She's Fresh

Nash The Slash - Psychotic Reaction

Peter Gabriel - Exposure

Mia Anderson - The Still Hunter (Margaret Atwood)

Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley (live)

Bo Diddley - I'm A Man (live

Gum - Suffocated By Life

Kin Of Ettins - Folkvang

Ghost in the Water - Campfire

Crazy Ed - No One Knows

Slow Beings - Carson Dyle

Bulbul - Lack of the Key

Bo Diddley - I'm A Man

Bo Diddley - Back again

Ghost in the Water - Pushpins and Tape

Raoul Duguay - Ou L'invisible Enfant Ou

Public Image Limited - Attack

Carlos Malcolm - Hopalong Kassidy

Bulbul - Where the Hell is DJ Fett?

Kin of Ettins - Falcon Skies

Crazy Ed - Innocent Man

Bo Diddley - You Don't Love Me, You Don't Care

Bo Diddley - Roadrunner

Mr. Magic - Rappin' With Mr. Magic

Fabulous Wailers - Mashi

Bo Diddley - Diddley Daddy

Bo Diddley - Spend My Life With You

Slow Beings - They Live At Dawn

Skip Stanley - Satellite Baby

Link Wray - Ramble

New from Exile on Mainstream it's Bulbul's 6th offering!