Thursday, June 26, 2008

Show #108

Far-Gone Accumulator/June 25th, 2008

Listen up! --- 06-25-08.mp3 ---

high on fire - eyes and teeth
bastard sons of a rock n roll devil - no excuse
brain washing machine - trust in you
tragic comic - prisoner
mysterians - a-bomb
pete turland - drawing the line
the jades - surfer crow
bad beers - paranoid love
ron-de-voos - pipeline '66
last knight - shadow of fear
the losers - snake eyes
sophie tucker - horse playin papa
dovells - dance the froog
buck claytons allstars - special bc
crowbar - prince of peace
xavier cugat - bread love and cha cha cha
art of noise - a nation rejects
sabazius - terror is thy name
fanny adams - ain't no loving left
the movers - spacial job
humphrey and the dumptrucks - i broke a promise
offenbach - edgar
oze duguay - san antonio rose
brain washing machine - a love story
bsoarnrd - come out at night
tragic comic - please don't let me down
glass harp - changes
emeralds - earthquake
tabarnacos surfers - hot rod
the 5 more - avalanche
huevos rancheros - diamond head
tragic comic - sr
high on fire - blessed black wings
pete turland - dust bowl devil
centuries - 4th dimension
ray gerdson and the yellow jackets - fattie hattie
A good slab of Canadiana tonight! For those unfamilair with what the GWN can offer Rock n Roll -wise, get wise!