Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Show #201/Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson

Δ Far-Gone Accumulator Δ
June 1st, 2010
cramps - big black witchcraft rock
prowlers - rock me baby
lil marcy - why not i
brothers in law - canada usa
grateful dead - estimated prophet
grandmaster flash - freedom
sol - les oisifs
t-rex - light of love
black sabbath - wheels of confusion, tomorrow's dream
sol - le geant de l'air
t-rex - solid baby
barry white - heavenly, that's what you are to me
the who - i can't explain
brothers in law - 3 cheers to the nairmy
prowlers - get a move on
lil marcy - god is always near me
cramps - papa satan sang louie louie
aki aleong & the nobles - earthquake
jimmy murphy - baboon boogie
jerry engler - sputnik girl
george jones - rock it
laika & the cosmonauts - mission:impossible
deacon & the rock 'n' rollers - i don't wanna leave
billy - un petit peu de oh yeah
delegates - mother's son
sonny boy williamson - good morning little school girl
spiderbabies - what's wrong with me
minutemen - search
diamanda galas - ain't no grave gonna hold me
u-roy - hold on
robot koch - gorom sen (shlomo rmx)
sons of otis - down, new mole
diamanda galas - hastayim yasiyorum
minutemen - tension
ac/dc - hell ain't a bad place to be (live)
superhopper - new fresh mid-west
du-droppers - can't do sixty no more
les lords sonics - le fuyard
speckled red - you got to fix it
jacques filh - fini borniol
laika & the cosmonauts - note crisis
pat suzuki - i enjoy being a girl
happy mondays - boom
walter kraft - toccata in d minor
laurie bower singers, hillside singers, dr. music - i'd like to teach the world to sing

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( O e Y N " )

Show #200

Δ Far-Gone Accumulator Δ
May 25th, 2010
davie allan - make love not war
deja voodoo - my girlfriend
asian lp - a-2
kenny hepburn. ollie strong - walking up the road
autosalvage - rampant generalities
clearlight - black roses
joe hunter - my happiness
ten years after - one of these days
hawkwind - earth calling, born to go
ringo hour 25 side 2 seg1
deja voodoo - big pile of mud
ringo hour 25 side 2 seg2
high noon - glory bound
blazers - beaver patrol
paul evans - happy go lucky me
joe therrien jr - you're long gone
eddie & the showmen - dark eyes
gooey - for you
les azteks - cheveaux longs & pantelons
jane's addiction - up the beach
tom waits - we're all mad here
i-roy - heavy like lead
doctor p - gargoyle
sleep - the druid, evil gypsy
tom waits - watch her disappear
jane's addiction - ocean size
the lollipop shoppe - you must be a witch
the dirty - cinnamon
jumpin joe w/red sauders - hey, bartender
jacques aylestock - la chanson du petit voilier
peter gabriel - on the air
stan freberg - john & marsha
ramsey lewis - can't function
mama estella yancey - monkey man

Monday, May 03, 2010

Show #199

May 18th, 2010

jerry cole - curfew
jean de vres - maraboo
al bruno - under the spinning eagle
donn reynolds - now is the hour
albert ayler - wizards
peanut butter wolf - styles crews flows beats
traffic - you can all join in
thin lizzy - bad reputation
ringo hour 25 side 1 seg1
ringo hour 25 side 1 seg2
bunker hill - red riding wolf and the wolf
the chevelles - let there be surf
titus turner - bow wow
vernon claud - baby's gone
wade curtiss & his rhythm rockers - brang
moxie motive - my bush stinks
sly williams - i believe in a woman
they might be giants - the world's address, dead
another reader's digest collection - desert song overture
king tubby - the stepping dub
flying lotus - mmmhmmm
boris - ibitsu
ronnie & the redcaps - conquest
ronnie dio & the prophets - love pains, walking in circles
elf - annie new orleans
rainbow - starstruck
black sabbath - turn up the night
dio - stand up & shout
Queensryche feat. Ronnie James Dio - the Chase
arden & maisie - seven more old maids
unknown audiodisc record
mia anderson - dream 3, the death of other children (margaret atwood)
fendermen - muleskinner blues
jody reynolds - endless sleep
chet atkins - a little evil