Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Show #331

February 26th, 2013

stony starr and his musical saw - theme for moongazers
hachey brothers - panhandle rag
spike jones - at the movies
loy clingman - it's nothing to me
charley patton - high sherriff blues
sun ra - hot skillet mama
jaguar men - le jag
the rabble - alaboundy bam
wailers - bad trip
painted ship - and she said yes
spike jones - at the movies
yorko and the greek strings - snake dance

bobby byrd - hot pants, i'm coming
lyn collins - think about it
runa laila - pyar kar jane jan
mohd. rafi, manna dey, sudha mahotra, s.d. batish - yeh hai ishq ishq
mala & others - yeh raat mastani diwani
daft punk - around the world
arabian prince - simple planet
crystal castles - plague

los guamuchuchilenos - al compas de la tambora
monomen - swampland
sir lord baltimore - hell hound
mountain - tired angels
the electronic hole - love will find a way (excerpt)
melvins - sacrifice
zoroaster - honey and salt
cryptopsy - orgiastic disembowelment

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Show #330

February 19th, 2013

the capes and masks - intro
sandy nelson - teen beat '65 
roscoe weathers quintet - echoes
dale hawkins - susie q
wes dakus and the rebels - surfs you right
shelltones - blue castaway
bill haley and his comets - oriental rock
johnny james and his invictas - mister twister
the sound breakers - marooned
asian pop (trk3)
les tetes blanches - ramrod
r l burnside - the criminal inside me
keray regan - vibratin'

charles wright  and the watts 103rd street rhythm band - express yourself
musarrat nazir - haye we meri
chambers brothers - funky 
dr jeckel - genius rap
matthew dear - neighborhoods
captain beefheart - she's too much for my mirror, my human gets me blues

can - yoo doo right
orthodox - el lamento del cabron
moss - tomb of the blind drugged 
extreme noise terror - in it for the music number 2

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Show #329

February 12th, 2013

stud cole - the devil's comin'
perez & brana - the crazy cuban
barrel house annie - i f it don't fit don't force it
the danceland quartet - danceland blues
jerry and the diamonds - sea and shore
quartet res bien - voo doo man
chuck berry - havana moon
les megatones - twist des copains
red garrison and his zodiacs - chant of the jungle
Lost Agency  - one girl man
don steele sextet - steel guitar rag
Mod VI  - show me how
reverend lonnie farris - the holy spirit
asha bhosle - dulha raja
egyptian lover - lover lover
the meters - just kissed my baby
claude ballif - points, movements
flying lotus - phantasm
amanaz - nsunka lwedo
dead meadow - through the gates of the sleepy silver door
desert sessions - you keep on talking
slayer - hell awaits
metallica - motorbreath
exodus - a lesson in violence
chariots of the gods - tides of war
death - together as one 
pallbearer - given to the grave