Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Show #120/Kurtis Blow

Far-Gone Accumulator/October 1st, 2008


blues creation - demon and eleven children

kaross - shovel

linton kwesi johnson - reality dub

iretsu - 6 bump hillbilly stomp

citations - moon race

los caminos - irene and her 7 sisters

thom starr and the galaxies - chiflado

dynamics - later on

al casey - the hearse

wackies rhythm force - be good

fabulous continentals - breakin up

mighty two - heavy bowling

earthworms - mo' taters

jazz mazz whoto - freedub

sam and the saxtones - kaput

sons of negus - dub aggressor

edgar allen and the po' boys - panic button

skywise - but the earth was hollow

my majestic star - too late the day

lkj - victorious dub

cornells - beachbound

huevos rancheros - bring me the beard of billy gibbons

teemates - walk don't run '64

mysterions - downhill

tornadoes - scalping party

spoonin g - spoonin rap

mad doc - drum n bass

tiktak and cedoha - kanabystrysy

morbid opera - white flag

kernel - jungle breaks

bad brains - pay to cum

asian pop records tracks 13, 7 + 19

art attacks - i' m a dalek

skywise - raise the dead

blues creation - just i was born

iretsu - name our numbers, numbers

avengers 6 - time bomb

los caminos - old school

truants - sunset surf

les loups blancs - ce rire dans tes yeux

johnny and the shy guys - moon dawg

cortez - high life

teemates - spinout

huevos rancheros - super creep

avengers 6 - avengers stomp

blue notes - rigor mortis

jan davis - surf buster

Going along with my lucky find of the Flower Travellin Band is another heavy Japanese combo Blues Creation! "Demon & Eleven Children" is arguably their best/heaviest! Speaking of heavies, make sure you tune in next week for a very special premiere!!!!!

...and during my usual rounds today I was fortunate enough to find this early hip-hop 12"! Here's the instrumental side for ya!



Thursday, September 18, 2008

Show #119/Bob Davies

Far-Gone Accumulator/September 24th, 2008
valis - indian giver
orange goblin - the astral project
jen gloeckner - glue
sankt otten - fernfahrer
ric cartey - ooo wee
jim earnes, booby atkins, vassar clements, clay jones - pike county breakdown
the 5,6,7,8's - teenage head
southern culture on the skids - shotgun
lulu's marble - thrill machine
zorba & the greeks - shockwave
egor - street
johnny cash - folsom prison blues
parliament - tear the roof off
monument - dog man
carl perkins - rock n roll ruby
skywise - ave atque vale
dozer - drawing dead
5,6,7,8's - 3 cool chicks
avengers 6 - heartbeat
stage-men - fall out
hellbenders - the big gundown
ramblin red bailey - 8 weeks in a barroom
truants - truant
ric cartey - let me tell you about love
pastels - raw-hide
woody woodbury - laughing room (bright side)
s.n.f.u. - eric's had a bad day
orange goblin - magic carpet
skywise - devil's bargain
iretsu - frenetic
link wray - dinosaur
s.c.o.t.s - house of bamboo
thee andrews surfers - moment of truth
jan davis - verti-go-go
rich bennett - aisle 8
jen gloeckner - clear the sand
hellbenders - for a few dollars more
New tunes tonight from Italy's SKYWISE!
Their new album is drawing more from the death doom well when earlier output is more in the soner field I finds....
Check 'em out, Their albums are available for download!!
Plenty of tunes available from Sundazed as well! Several tracks from "Lost Legends of Surf Guitar #4"!
Also, check up on RURALRHYTHM records for their bluegrass output!
Now, I've developed a soft spot for ol' Bob Davies. So imagine my soo-prize finding this lil' gem!
Here's a share from waaay back! Some of my fave Jamaican 45's! (here's an image of the tracklist with sum of the nifty labels!)
& some other shares that haven't died yet!!!
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=O3V68J7N (haida the killer whale and paul horn)(image)
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=STNVHNXM (one of my favourites! A.A. Allen! His best as chosen by moi)
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A8648CIM (some of my favOrite asian rekkerds! Sorry no tracklist, all the labels were non-english)

Monday, September 08, 2008

Show #118/Flower Travelling Band

Far-Gone Accumulator/September 17th, 2008
fluid - b
place of skulls - the fall
kyuss - thumb (live)
interstellar genocide - herald of silence
johnny burnette - rockabilly boogie
night riders - looking for my baby
dale hawkins - little pig
joe thomas - rocatella
buck griffin - you'll never come back
bobby louis - fire of love
runabouts - the strangeness in me
bel-airs - volcanic action
naughty by nature - uptown anthem
blind willy mctell - statesboro blues
mezz mezzrow - send in the vipers
harry gibson - who put the benzedrine
jerry lee lewis - who;e lotta shakin
benny goodman and jack teagarden - texas tea party
hustlers - kaput
sunn O))) - black wedding
jen gloeckner - spinning head
telescopes - suicide (live)
yoyo hashi - yoyo's pad
little junior's blue flames - mystery train
little milton - lookin for my baby
tornadoes - shootin' beavers
jimmy & walter - easy
curtis mayfield - don't worry if there's a hell below
slowbone - quicksand dream
bum - god of darkness
kyuss - mudfly
interstellar genocide - dance of the dead
jen gloeckner - glimpse
telescopes - thirteenth floor (live)
blue jeans - moon mist
groupies - primitive
eddie & the showmen - we are the young
elroy dietzel - rockin bones
bobby long & his satellites - mojo workout
hayden thompson - blue blues blues
interstellar genocide - loss & curse of reverence
fluid - stategy first
jerry cole & his spacemen - outer limits
shifters - surfin anniversary
Back after a short hiatus & giving you more sweet sounds from Interstellar Gen-o-cide! Love that Fluid too bad they packed it in earlier this year.
I found this at a garage sale on my birthday last week! Still can't believe it! ftb.mp3

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Show #117

Far-Gone Accumulator/September 3rd, 2008

Listen Heeer! +++ 09-03-08.mp3 +++


pentagram - be forewarned (first daze here too)
fluid - estonia flutet die titanic

the sickening - violent female circumcision
ryan j boyd - the corners of the earth

fu manchu - el don

stone roses - made of stone

pretty things - sf sorrow is born

small faces - collibosher

monty python - a minute past

preston epps - mister bongos

sonny terry and brownie mcghee - whoopin blues

los brioles - nacido torcido

phantom - love me

mighty two - earthquake

bongo herman - orthodox drums

nebula - full throttle
rhythm addicts - oomp boomp
lord sundance - pretty lord sundance
i are droid - serenade
augustus pablo - chock full of dub

noisemakers - panic
fluid - zuegli
fu manchu - ojo rojo
ryan j boyd - wilderness of sin
interstellar genocide - thy dark majesty
stone roses - sally cinnamon
moongooners - moongoon twist
monty python - all things rude and nasty
riptides - machine gun
kalasandro - forbidden city
james boys - ah ha crazy part one
super stocks - midnight run
american four - soul food
richie allen and the pacific surfers - quiet surf
general echo - rapping dubstyle
the heads - mao tinitus
jfa - standing on the verge
unknown chinese pop artist - o bla di o bla da
jfa - do the hannigan
government issue - world caved in
interstellar genocide - i am the eternal night
sickening - obsessed with the dead
ryan j boyd - white robed pilgrims
bulgarian womens choir - yana beautiful yana
small faces - lazy sunday
janis martin - blues keep callin
los brioles - neighbours sound
pentagram - show em how
pretty things - bracelets of fingers
walter brown and his band - jelly roll rock
Tonite, newness frum die black metal scene! Interstellar Genocide is a unique collaboration between America and Germany best summed up on their site!
Also plenty other great tracks, especially from Spain's Los Brioles! "Train of Fools" is one of my all time favourites!