Monday, September 08, 2008

Show #118/Flower Travelling Band

Far-Gone Accumulator/September 17th, 2008
fluid - b
place of skulls - the fall
kyuss - thumb (live)
interstellar genocide - herald of silence
johnny burnette - rockabilly boogie
night riders - looking for my baby
dale hawkins - little pig
joe thomas - rocatella
buck griffin - you'll never come back
bobby louis - fire of love
runabouts - the strangeness in me
bel-airs - volcanic action
naughty by nature - uptown anthem
blind willy mctell - statesboro blues
mezz mezzrow - send in the vipers
harry gibson - who put the benzedrine
jerry lee lewis - who;e lotta shakin
benny goodman and jack teagarden - texas tea party
hustlers - kaput
sunn O))) - black wedding
jen gloeckner - spinning head
telescopes - suicide (live)
yoyo hashi - yoyo's pad
little junior's blue flames - mystery train
little milton - lookin for my baby
tornadoes - shootin' beavers
jimmy & walter - easy
curtis mayfield - don't worry if there's a hell below
slowbone - quicksand dream
bum - god of darkness
kyuss - mudfly
interstellar genocide - dance of the dead
jen gloeckner - glimpse
telescopes - thirteenth floor (live)
blue jeans - moon mist
groupies - primitive
eddie & the showmen - we are the young
elroy dietzel - rockin bones
bobby long & his satellites - mojo workout
hayden thompson - blue blues blues
interstellar genocide - loss & curse of reverence
fluid - stategy first
jerry cole & his spacemen - outer limits
shifters - surfin anniversary
Back after a short hiatus & giving you more sweet sounds from Interstellar Gen-o-cide! Love that Fluid too bad they packed it in earlier this year.
I found this at a garage sale on my birthday last week! Still can't believe it! ftb.mp3