Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Show #120/Kurtis Blow

Far-Gone Accumulator/October 1st, 2008


blues creation - demon and eleven children

kaross - shovel

linton kwesi johnson - reality dub

iretsu - 6 bump hillbilly stomp

citations - moon race

los caminos - irene and her 7 sisters

thom starr and the galaxies - chiflado

dynamics - later on

al casey - the hearse

wackies rhythm force - be good

fabulous continentals - breakin up

mighty two - heavy bowling

earthworms - mo' taters

jazz mazz whoto - freedub

sam and the saxtones - kaput

sons of negus - dub aggressor

edgar allen and the po' boys - panic button

skywise - but the earth was hollow

my majestic star - too late the day

lkj - victorious dub

cornells - beachbound

huevos rancheros - bring me the beard of billy gibbons

teemates - walk don't run '64

mysterions - downhill

tornadoes - scalping party

spoonin g - spoonin rap

mad doc - drum n bass

tiktak and cedoha - kanabystrysy

morbid opera - white flag

kernel - jungle breaks

bad brains - pay to cum

asian pop records tracks 13, 7 + 19

art attacks - i' m a dalek

skywise - raise the dead

blues creation - just i was born

iretsu - name our numbers, numbers

avengers 6 - time bomb

los caminos - old school

truants - sunset surf

les loups blancs - ce rire dans tes yeux

johnny and the shy guys - moon dawg

cortez - high life

teemates - spinout

huevos rancheros - super creep

avengers 6 - avengers stomp

blue notes - rigor mortis

jan davis - surf buster

Going along with my lucky find of the Flower Travellin Band is another heavy Japanese combo Blues Creation! "Demon & Eleven Children" is arguably their best/heaviest! Speaking of heavies, make sure you tune in next week for a very special premiere!!!!!

...and during my usual rounds today I was fortunate enough to find this early hip-hop 12"! Here's the instrumental side for ya!