Thursday, May 29, 2008

Show #104

Far-Gone Accumulator/May 28th, 2008
The Slow Beings - I Waste The Sea
Johnny Bull - Don't Drink & Drive
Gum - LIve Slow Die Old
Beehoover - A Foul Smelling Wheel...
Ghost inthe Water - A Nightmare
Downs/Kilgore - Easy Enough
Glen Glenn - Everybody's Movin
Vasile Tomazian - Biografia
Andy Gibson Orchestra - Blueprint
Ghost in the Water - Lake Ice
Gum - Scream in a Glass Bell
Tyrant (saint Vitus) - Burial At Sea
Downs/Kilgore - Mistaken Identity
Betty Johnson - I Want A good Home For My Cat
Close Lobsters - Just too Bloody Stupid
The Cure - Boys Don't Cry
Janis Joplin - Move Over
Exploited - Safe Below
WildChild - Renegade Master (Fatboy slim Oldschool Mix)
Beehoover - Parafin Oiler
Johnny Bull - Pretty Woman
The SLow Beings - We Know Why The Earth Moves
Ahab & The Wailers - Cleopatra's Needle
Ghost in the Water - Cardinal Red
Downs/Kilgore - Orbie n Jean
Tyrant (saint Vitus) - Zombie Hunger
Johnny Bull - The Weed Man
The SLow Beings - People Leave Heaven
Rev. Lonnie Farris - The Holy Spirit

16 tons of new tunes! Slow Beings/Johnny Bull/Ghost in the Water and a special return from DJ Dedtony! Hope you enjoyed the song-poems There will be more from him in a few short weeks!

Let the tracks absorb!

Also some kewl early Saint Vitus recordings featuring Dava Chandler on Vox duty!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Show #103

Far-Gone Accumulator/May 21st, 2008

LISTEN HERE!! ---05-21-08.mp3---

nebula - fall of icarus

the cubical - early morning creep
jigsy king - jump up & down
dj shadow & cut chemist - product placement
esquivel - chacita
jack starr - bord bad
fendermen - muleskinner blues
wanda jackson - funnel of love
link wray - switchblade
link wray - green hornet
jorgen ingmann - echo boogie
"The Shadow"
Beehoover - nice romantic evening
death row - death row
the mission - never again
tragic comic - fica em mim
john williams - star wars main title
king usniewicsz - the crusher
t valentine - teen-age jump
collins kids - shortnin bread rock
charlie feathers - that certain female
woodies - agent woodrow
t-model ford - talkin it remix
montrose - space station #5
187 lockdown - gunman
syndicate of sound - witch
buddy morrow - peter gunn
beehoover - the sun behind the dustbin
spirit caravan - dove tongued aggressor
esquivel - cherokee
jack starr - chicken
johnny burnette - eager beaver baby
johnny burnette - train kep a rollin
death row - all your sins
the cubical - in the night
jigsy king - butterfly
dj shadow & cut chemist - product placement
john williams - princess leia
king usniewicsz - little dead surfer girl
trashmen - surfin bird

Some new stuff from Fat Possum tonite, A hip-hopped t-model ford & a funky 10" all round! A treat for you old-timey radio buffs out there with an old Shadow adventure. & plenty of classics to boot!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Show #102

Far-Gona Accumulator/May 14th, 2008
Gangi - Subject Positions
Paul Cary - Yes Machine
Cubical - Woman I Need
Kaizers Orchestra - Devil's Orch.
Tom Waits - Telephone Call from Istanbul
Pt Hamalesh Maitra - Shri Raga Gat
Al Bruneau - Stardust
Living Guitars - Malaguena
Cadillacs - Please Mr. Johnson
Dovells - Out in The Cold Again
Elvis - Lonely Man
Blue Mountain - The Little Space Girl
Jan & Dean - Summer Means Fun
Joyce Hahn - The Picnic
Coasters - Run Red Run
The Incredible Kings - The Limp
Beehoover - Iron Horse
Gangi - Shift
Paul Cary - Bad People
Alexandre Navarro - Eolite
Kaizers Orch - Kontroll
Hendrix - Tomorrow Never Knows
Johnny Griffin - The Way You Look...
Guitar Slim - I Done Got Over It
Sandy Nelson - Quite A Beat
Playgirls - Hey Sport
Doors - Crystal Ship
Buddy Hackett - The Chinese Waiter
Duane Eddy - The Feud
Tom Waits - Clap Hands
Gangi - Animals
Beehoover - Esophagus Overdrive
Alexandre Navarro - Mystical Wave
Johhy Griffin - All the Things You Are
Larry Donn - Girl Next Door
Alexandre Navarro - Awaken
Beehoover - Spirit & Crown
Hendrix - Sunshine Of Your Love
PT Hamalesh Maitra - Raag Puriya Bhaneshree

OK, tonight was a lot like last week as far as the new offerings were concerned. An absolutely brilliant track in Beehoover's "Spirit & Crown"!
We also heard more from The Cubical /Kaizers Orchestra & Tom Waits.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Show #101

Far-Gone Accumulator/May 7th, 2008

Listen Here!!! ---05-07-08.mp3 ---

Beehoover - solitude in bloom
gangi - commonplace feathers
alexandre navarro - time
paul cary - ghost of a man
the handsome devils - top fuel mama
mustangs - jack the ripper
jerry jerry & the sons of rhythm orch. - gospel surfer
freddie & the heartaches - womp womp
mermen - stinky little kitty
les hou lops - oh non
fendermen - torture
les chantels - shaggy baggy joe
centurians - intoxica
nahid akhtar - yeh aaj mujh...
tasawar khanum - we jab toon...
irene parveen - zara ruk ja...
asha, usha & hemlata - chanda ko dhondne
mohd. rafi - aane se uss ke aae
inayat bhatti - jind aakanke...
gangi - waiting on the line
volt - stativ
beehoover - heavy zooo
diamond head - lightning to the nations
kustom 45 - ran into my woman
the night raiders - cotton pickin'
forbidden dimension - my family curse
the blazers - poison
torquays - milagro del mar
les monstres - theme du cimitiere
inayat bhatti - ik taihni dedo phul
noor jehan & inayat bhatti - ji oe sejjan...
noor jehan - tainoon mere ...
dj rip - check da hook
alexandre navarro - primal
volt - hospital in wales
gangi - ground
paul cary - come take me away
handsome devils - sunset flip
the marlins - let down
kustom 45 - 2x4
les mystics - mon pere est millionaire
beehoover - pain power
alexandre navarro - karma debut
diamond head - the prince
les lutins - girl
jerry jerry.... - rhythm crazy
forbidden dimension - satan's satellite
Plenty of new music this week! First the excellent BEEHOOVER return with HEAVY ZOOO! It's out on the 19th so be sure to look for it!
At a different pace, Alexandre Navarro offers ARCANE.
We also heard new tunes from Gangi's "A". There will be more from these new releases next week!