Thursday, May 29, 2008

Show #104

Far-Gone Accumulator/May 28th, 2008
The Slow Beings - I Waste The Sea
Johnny Bull - Don't Drink & Drive
Gum - LIve Slow Die Old
Beehoover - A Foul Smelling Wheel...
Ghost inthe Water - A Nightmare
Downs/Kilgore - Easy Enough
Glen Glenn - Everybody's Movin
Vasile Tomazian - Biografia
Andy Gibson Orchestra - Blueprint
Ghost in the Water - Lake Ice
Gum - Scream in a Glass Bell
Tyrant (saint Vitus) - Burial At Sea
Downs/Kilgore - Mistaken Identity
Betty Johnson - I Want A good Home For My Cat
Close Lobsters - Just too Bloody Stupid
The Cure - Boys Don't Cry
Janis Joplin - Move Over
Exploited - Safe Below
WildChild - Renegade Master (Fatboy slim Oldschool Mix)
Beehoover - Parafin Oiler
Johnny Bull - Pretty Woman
The SLow Beings - We Know Why The Earth Moves
Ahab & The Wailers - Cleopatra's Needle
Ghost in the Water - Cardinal Red
Downs/Kilgore - Orbie n Jean
Tyrant (saint Vitus) - Zombie Hunger
Johnny Bull - The Weed Man
The SLow Beings - People Leave Heaven
Rev. Lonnie Farris - The Holy Spirit

16 tons of new tunes! Slow Beings/Johnny Bull/Ghost in the Water and a special return from DJ Dedtony! Hope you enjoyed the song-poems There will be more from him in a few short weeks!

Let the tracks absorb!

Also some kewl early Saint Vitus recordings featuring Dava Chandler on Vox duty!