Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Show #101

Far-Gone Accumulator/May 7th, 2008

Listen Here!!! ---05-07-08.mp3 ---

Beehoover - solitude in bloom
gangi - commonplace feathers
alexandre navarro - time
paul cary - ghost of a man
the handsome devils - top fuel mama
mustangs - jack the ripper
jerry jerry & the sons of rhythm orch. - gospel surfer
freddie & the heartaches - womp womp
mermen - stinky little kitty
les hou lops - oh non
fendermen - torture
les chantels - shaggy baggy joe
centurians - intoxica
nahid akhtar - yeh aaj mujh...
tasawar khanum - we jab toon...
irene parveen - zara ruk ja...
asha, usha & hemlata - chanda ko dhondne
mohd. rafi - aane se uss ke aae
inayat bhatti - jind aakanke...
gangi - waiting on the line
volt - stativ
beehoover - heavy zooo
diamond head - lightning to the nations
kustom 45 - ran into my woman
the night raiders - cotton pickin'
forbidden dimension - my family curse
the blazers - poison
torquays - milagro del mar
les monstres - theme du cimitiere
inayat bhatti - ik taihni dedo phul
noor jehan & inayat bhatti - ji oe sejjan...
noor jehan - tainoon mere ...
dj rip - check da hook
alexandre navarro - primal
volt - hospital in wales
gangi - ground
paul cary - come take me away
handsome devils - sunset flip
the marlins - let down
kustom 45 - 2x4
les mystics - mon pere est millionaire
beehoover - pain power
alexandre navarro - karma debut
diamond head - the prince
les lutins - girl
jerry jerry.... - rhythm crazy
forbidden dimension - satan's satellite
Plenty of new music this week! First the excellent BEEHOOVER return with HEAVY ZOOO! It's out on the 19th so be sure to look for it!
At a different pace, Alexandre Navarro offers ARCANE.
We also heard new tunes from Gangi's "A". There will be more from these new releases next week!