Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Show #100/Bernie Green

Far-Gone Accumulator/April 30, 2008


Archagathus - fuckin ebola

fluID - pens are friends

archagathus - injected with syphilis

fluID - idiots

raffael deluca - club bump

epicrise - diving inro curd

d-nice - cherry pie love

ballgag - 20"rimjobs

roadside burial -ivan

home & garden - geography

corpsickle - zombie island massacre

home & garden - para uds

mesrine - practise what you preach

tangled star - button down

mesrine - serial selfish

toby richardson - quite something to see

upwards of endtime - defenders

hiptones - hound dog

upwards of endtime - great goat god

hiptones - 99 & a half won't do

muthurlode - unknown

evoken - intro

muthurlode - sheep

evoken - tragedy eternal

calf protection - frost forest

ryan j boyd - transmissions from planet 9

calf protection - getaway johnny

ryan j boyd - a tribe arrives

el capitan - feltpicker

comotose vigil - narcosis

panderers - grip

olive green - do bad hustle

lento - leave

panderers - shame

lento - hadrons

dyse - der mann aus gold

aaron ross - sin is a spell

dyse - rhythmus

aaron ross - the mountain

end of level boss - connotations

roncsipar - immanu el

eolb - selfishnegativevibemerchant

roncsipar - draconian

offramps - 23

ryan j boyd - my heart

offramps - hallmark holiday

ryan j boyd - holy

lobotomia - faces da morte

arkadia - terrace of celebration

lobotomia - pesadelos agonizantes

arkadia - 1958

100 shows! Here was some of the best (and most memorable) to grace these airwaves. It would have been imposible to play everything, so this was a taste! From hip-hop to that wacky grindcore to pop to folk. I want to thank these artist for making the show entertaining, and the listeners for keeping it on the air!!!!