Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Show #290

April 24th, 2012

charlie feathers - where's she at tonight
mary jane & carolyn dezurik - yippi yippi yi
la lupe - fever
the vel vets - estelle parker
magic cycle - groovy things
evil encorporated group - the point is
the five blobs - from the top of your guggle
the tropics - as time goes by           
mitchell ayres orchestra - number 7 cigarettes
dana dane - cinderfella
captain rock return of captain rock
jimmy spicer - the adventures of super rhymes
the 8th day - cheba
robin rimbaud - scanner
chrome - blood on the moon
michael j schumacher - room pieces
caribou - sun
skream - filth                         
yuki sato yu-jyu-mugen
jazz maz whoto - freedub
the meditators - look who bust a style
the stooges - little doll
blues creation with carmen maki - understand
blue oyster cult - before the kiss a redcap                  
led zeppelin - achilles last stand
megadeth - mechanix 
evoken - omniscient

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Show #289

April 17th, 2012

babs gonzales - still whalin'
the haunted - i can only give you everything
tangerine roof - back in my arms
van prince - hully gully
the streys - she cools my mind
rondells - back beat #1
the moving sidewalks - the 99th floor
lucifer & the peppermints - money back guarantee
treacherous three - body rock
roy ayers - running away (live)
funkmaster wizard wiz - i ain't wid dat
freda payne - unhooked generation
andre boucourechilev - texte
brian eno - two forms of anger
carsten nicolai & alva noto -
blake - leave us alone
the ethiopians - i am gonne take over
augustus pablo - chock full of dub
the itals - sea wave
trumans water - aroma of gina arnold *
t-rex - squint eye mangle
thin lizzy - fighting my way back
slayer - evil has no boundaries
manilla road - the deluge
kyuss - el rodeo
sunn O))) - hunting & gathering
pawnshop - supersonic device

* thanks to the magic of computer tech, the 2nd half didn't make it to the archive!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Show #288

April 10th, 2012

fireballs - carioca
the constellations - my dear
edge of darkness - mean town
ettore cenci - christine
elite - my confusion
super-dupers - the jungle jingle
kim fowley - strangers from the sky
pink floyd - interstellar overdrive (take deux)
johnny guitar watson - i need it
les caïds - Je voyais ton visage dans l'eau
roy budd - diamonds 2min
fred szymanski & modular - flume
utah symphony orchestra - the forest battle
stephen vitiello - marfa mix
avus - reality itself
slim smith - everybody needs love
mighty two - heavy bowling
germs - rond & round
ramones - makin' monsters for my friends
rainbow - sixteenth century greensleeves (live)
budgie - in for the kill
birchville cat motel - blonde moth burial
nice cat - chronic
boris & sunn O))) - n.L.t
butthole surfers - combs
death - symbolic

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Show #287

April 3rd, 2012

guess who - if you don't want me
neurotic sheep - drive my car
the rabble - golden girl
the david - 40 miles
bunker hill - hide & go seek pt2
gonn - blackout of gretely
arthur smith - guitar boogie twist
johnny guitar watson - a real mother for you
trouble funk - pump me up
johnny pate - brother on the run
cold crush brothers - the weekend
richard maxfield - pastoral symphony
ken nordine - seven ways of the meek
einstürzende Neubauten - Ragout Küchen
boxcutter - bug octet
art department - without you
larry marshall - suspicion
sounds of musik - swinging
lascelles perkins - bam bam
orange goblin - land of secret dreams
metallica - ride the lightning
wolves in the throne room - crystal ammunition
los natas - alohawaii