Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Show #289

April 17th, 2012

babs gonzales - still whalin'
the haunted - i can only give you everything
tangerine roof - back in my arms
van prince - hully gully
the streys - she cools my mind
rondells - back beat #1
the moving sidewalks - the 99th floor
lucifer & the peppermints - money back guarantee
treacherous three - body rock
roy ayers - running away (live)
funkmaster wizard wiz - i ain't wid dat
freda payne - unhooked generation
andre boucourechilev - texte
brian eno - two forms of anger
carsten nicolai & alva noto -
blake - leave us alone
the ethiopians - i am gonne take over
augustus pablo - chock full of dub
the itals - sea wave
trumans water - aroma of gina arnold *
t-rex - squint eye mangle
thin lizzy - fighting my way back
slayer - evil has no boundaries
manilla road - the deluge
kyuss - el rodeo
sunn O))) - hunting & gathering
pawnshop - supersonic device

* thanks to the magic of computer tech, the 2nd half didn't make it to the archive!