Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Show #290

April 24th, 2012

charlie feathers - where's she at tonight
mary jane & carolyn dezurik - yippi yippi yi
la lupe - fever
the vel vets - estelle parker
magic cycle - groovy things
evil encorporated group - the point is
the five blobs - from the top of your guggle
the tropics - as time goes by           
mitchell ayres orchestra - number 7 cigarettes
dana dane - cinderfella
captain rock return of captain rock
jimmy spicer - the adventures of super rhymes
the 8th day - cheba
robin rimbaud - scanner
chrome - blood on the moon
michael j schumacher - room pieces
caribou - sun
skream - filth                         
yuki sato yu-jyu-mugen
jazz maz whoto - freedub
the meditators - look who bust a style
the stooges - little doll
blues creation with carmen maki - understand
blue oyster cult - before the kiss a redcap                  
led zeppelin - achilles last stand
megadeth - mechanix 
evoken - omniscient