Thursday, May 15, 2008

Show #102

Far-Gona Accumulator/May 14th, 2008
Gangi - Subject Positions
Paul Cary - Yes Machine
Cubical - Woman I Need
Kaizers Orchestra - Devil's Orch.
Tom Waits - Telephone Call from Istanbul
Pt Hamalesh Maitra - Shri Raga Gat
Al Bruneau - Stardust
Living Guitars - Malaguena
Cadillacs - Please Mr. Johnson
Dovells - Out in The Cold Again
Elvis - Lonely Man
Blue Mountain - The Little Space Girl
Jan & Dean - Summer Means Fun
Joyce Hahn - The Picnic
Coasters - Run Red Run
The Incredible Kings - The Limp
Beehoover - Iron Horse
Gangi - Shift
Paul Cary - Bad People
Alexandre Navarro - Eolite
Kaizers Orch - Kontroll
Hendrix - Tomorrow Never Knows
Johnny Griffin - The Way You Look...
Guitar Slim - I Done Got Over It
Sandy Nelson - Quite A Beat
Playgirls - Hey Sport
Doors - Crystal Ship
Buddy Hackett - The Chinese Waiter
Duane Eddy - The Feud
Tom Waits - Clap Hands
Gangi - Animals
Beehoover - Esophagus Overdrive
Alexandre Navarro - Mystical Wave
Johhy Griffin - All the Things You Are
Larry Donn - Girl Next Door
Alexandre Navarro - Awaken
Beehoover - Spirit & Crown
Hendrix - Sunshine Of Your Love
PT Hamalesh Maitra - Raag Puriya Bhaneshree

OK, tonight was a lot like last week as far as the new offerings were concerned. An absolutely brilliant track in Beehoover's "Spirit & Crown"!
We also heard more from The Cubical /Kaizers Orchestra & Tom Waits.