Thursday, September 18, 2008

Show #119/Bob Davies

Far-Gone Accumulator/September 24th, 2008
valis - indian giver
orange goblin - the astral project
jen gloeckner - glue
sankt otten - fernfahrer
ric cartey - ooo wee
jim earnes, booby atkins, vassar clements, clay jones - pike county breakdown
the 5,6,7,8's - teenage head
southern culture on the skids - shotgun
lulu's marble - thrill machine
zorba & the greeks - shockwave
egor - street
johnny cash - folsom prison blues
parliament - tear the roof off
monument - dog man
carl perkins - rock n roll ruby
skywise - ave atque vale
dozer - drawing dead
5,6,7,8's - 3 cool chicks
avengers 6 - heartbeat
stage-men - fall out
hellbenders - the big gundown
ramblin red bailey - 8 weeks in a barroom
truants - truant
ric cartey - let me tell you about love
pastels - raw-hide
woody woodbury - laughing room (bright side)
s.n.f.u. - eric's had a bad day
orange goblin - magic carpet
skywise - devil's bargain
iretsu - frenetic
link wray - dinosaur
s.c.o.t.s - house of bamboo
thee andrews surfers - moment of truth
jan davis - verti-go-go
rich bennett - aisle 8
jen gloeckner - clear the sand
hellbenders - for a few dollars more
New tunes tonight from Italy's SKYWISE!
Their new album is drawing more from the death doom well when earlier output is more in the soner field I finds....
Check 'em out, Their albums are available for download!!
Plenty of tunes available from Sundazed as well! Several tracks from "Lost Legends of Surf Guitar #4"!
Also, check up on RURALRHYTHM records for their bluegrass output!
Now, I've developed a soft spot for ol' Bob Davies. So imagine my soo-prize finding this lil' gem!
Here's a share from waaay back! Some of my fave Jamaican 45's! (here's an image of the tracklist with sum of the nifty labels!)
& some other shares that haven't died yet!!! (haida the killer whale and paul horn)(image) (one of my favourites! A.A. Allen! His best as chosen by moi) (some of my favOrite asian rekkerds! Sorry no tracklist, all the labels were non-english)