Thursday, August 28, 2008

Show #116

Far-Gone Accumulator/August 27th, 2008

Listen Here!!! --- 08-27-08.mp3 ---

the sickening - aggravated explosive prolapse of the bowel
boris - ganbou-ki
ryan j boyd - intro
tabarnacos surfers - caballero
astroglides - double donga
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - fortune telling chicken
man or astro-man? - television fission
lou millet - slip slip slippin in
space cossacks - third star to the left
buddy sharpe and the shakers - bald headed baby
regents - 7teen
sixty watt shaman - red colony
gussi allstars - danger in your dub
the party rockers - house party
the poor boys - washboard number one
truckfighters - in search of
the phantom - last ride
voodooshack - you don't need to fear death
boris - huge
ryan j boyd - alive to dream
phil gray - bluest boy in town
space cossacks - neutron sabre
mach kung fu - full reverb
apemen - creature from the haunted sea
joe dorey maple creek meanderings
dubarry - skin care for normal or oily skin
black sabbath - snowblind (hammersmith '78)
the damned - i fall (peel sessions)
tabarnacos surfers - piranhas
voodooshock - please let all truth in your heart
the sickening - death devastation decay
pj harvey - big exit
mazzy star - unreflected
man or astro-man? - dni
astroglides - settler go-go
screamin jay hawkins - alligator wine
mach kung fu - psycho
the sickening - castle of death
ryan j boyd - aliens are real
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - 3 piece suit
ricky nelson - lonesome town
Tonight's newness is direct from Kristiansund Norway. The Sickening deliver some crezzy crezzzy deth.