Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Show #114

Far-Gone Accumulator/August 13th, 2008

Clicky heres! --- 08-13-08.mp3 ---

lee bob watson - 1958
gunsmoke - gunfight
morkobot - kaklaipus
hellhammer - third of the storms
captain beefheart
delcos - arabia
cadillac hitmen - desert floor
eliminators - el borracho
notes - lion is awake
chris conner - try a little tenderness
bobby reddy and the redwings - big mouth
ce cee carol - oh! mr judge
frank motley and his crew with curly bridges - rock n roll gotta beat
rebounds - gretzky gretzky read all about it
carcass - keep on rotting
jsbx - calvin
ramones - mental hell
b-monster - soft flesh for the dungeon of the damned
morkobot - cammut
iron monkey - fink dial
gunsmoke - now and then
tremelo beer gut - las vegas
old miss down beats - geraldine
madman jones - snake charmer
galaxy trio - saddle sore
lombego surfers - tiki zone
treble tones - safari
the 5,6,7,8's - hanky panky
alan stivell - folklore
led zeppelin - babe, i'm gonna leave you
b-monster - critical love condition
iron monkey - web of piss
hellhammer - massacra
morphine - honey white
captain beefheart - the dust blows forward
2 live crew - man, not a myth
john taylor - taylor's rock
astroglides - the man with the golden reverb
longhorn devils - saz chase
lee bob watson - rosalita's arms
gunsmoke - i never
2 live crew - megamix 4
morphine - scratch
elvis presley - having fun with elvis part 2
Tonight, GUNSMOKE! They put on a great show with Trash bin whores & Let there be theremin recently & hopefully they'll be back soon! Check out their "From Somewhere" disc & catch 'em if you can on tour!