Thursday, August 21, 2008

Show #115

Far-Gone Accumulator / August 20th, 2008


voodooshock - diamond queen

tabarnacos surfers - maree noire

gunsmoke - tortured soul

john coltrane - acknowledgement

johnny pate & adam wade - brother on the run

brian wilson - heroes & villians

sandy nelson - birth of the beat

motorhead - step down

kl radio - whammo

hardcore - hight time

descendents - ace

sortilege - metamorphose

nirvana - drain you (live)

black sabbath - thrill of it all

velvet underground - sunday morning

voodooshock - i need a rest

king tee - the coolest

bb king and katie webster - since i met you baby

dick dale - death tube

charlie feathers - peepin eyes

frantics - werewolf

charlie feathers - i can't hardly stand it

dick dale - hava nagila

otis spann - nobody knows chicago the way i do

mojo nixon - gin guzzlin frenzy

king progress - you have changed

guns n roses - rocket queen

duane eddy - rebel rouser

gunsmoke - not the one

john coltrane - resolution

tabarnacos surfers - la patriote

brian wilson - good vibrations

black sabbath - megalomania

gunsmoke - won't be back

velvet underground - i'm waiting for the man

charlie feathers - it's just that song
The return of the surf monsters...just a reminder our friends from montreal are hard at work with new material!