Monday, July 30, 2007

Show #61/Julia Lee and Her Boy Friends

Far-Gone Accumulator/August 1, 2007
Epicrise - Diving inro Crud
Gerald Love - Music Business
Pentagram - Ask No More
Broken Crayons - Julia
Queens of the Stone Age - Avon (live)
Wigs - Chicken Switch
JC Davis - Chicken Scratch
Mask Man & The Agents - Roaches
Cactus - No Need To Worry
Los Calchakis - Llama Del Alti Plano
John Cale - Mercenaries
Can Fly By Night
The Muggs - Need Ya Baby
Budgie - Hammer & Tongs
Autechre - Rpeg
Epicrise - Milk & Dumbells
CeDell Davis - My Do g Won't Stay home
Albert Collins - Sno Cone pt.1
Fabulous Playboys - Nervous
Albert Collins - Sno Cone pt.2
Jimmy Merchant - Skin the Cat
Kact-Ties - Let Your Love Light Shine
Eddie Cantor - If You Knew Susie Like I Know Susie
George Carlin - The Hair Piece
Carpenters - Superstar
Johnny Cash - Dear Mrs.
Cerrone - Supernature
Chubby Checker - It Takes 2 to Tango
Epicrise - Fatal Anal Error
Chrome - Zombie Warfare
Ranking Trevor - 3 Pice Chicken & chips
Autechre - Ccec
CeDell Davis -Rock
The Shells - Whiplash
Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends - King Size Papa
Sir Guy - The Frog
Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends - Don't Save it too Long
QOTSA - God is on The Radio (live)
Broken Crayons - Bedtime
The Muggs - Doc Mode
Pentagram - Be Forewarned

Ukrainian Gore merchants Epicrise blessed us with their presence this week. Next show will prove to be a bit of a bloodbath as well, be forewarned!

Recently, I was fortunate to run across a 3 record set of Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends called "Party Time"! They were inside an old 10 sleeve book for 45s with some Phil Harris I played a show or two ago. Aside from some dust I had to clear off, they were scratchless and sound great!



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