Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Show #62/Stereo

Far-Gone Accumulator/August 8, 2007
Epicrise - Extreme Noise Epicrise
Roadside Burial - Ivan
Cause for Effect - The Cosmic Possibility
Dilatizione - Solo in Una Strada Affollata
Rainbow - Stargazer
Earth - Crooked Axis for String Quartet
Andre Williams - Hallelujah (live)
Uncredited performer - Street Cries of Charleston
Guy Chookoorian - Choriner
Clash - Guns of Brixton
Lord Melody - New York
Lord Preston Epps - Bed Bug
Collins, Shepley Galaxy - Time Space & The Blues
Crow - Evil woman
Marv-Ill - They Call Me Ill
Roadside Burial - Drawn & Quartered
Cause for Effect - Cosmic & Natural
Earth - Dissolution III
Pamela Pau & Rafael - 1st Time
Sankt Otten - Fallen und Fangen
Huevos Rancheros - Secret Recipe
Duane Eddy - Rebel Walk
The Champs - Tough Train
Gruesomes - For All I Care
Ray Condo - Rock Island Line
Nan Blakstone - Cobwebs
Ventures - Solar Race
Bunker Hill - Hide & Go Seel pt1
Rondells - Back Beat #1
Piltdown Men - Brontosaurus Stomp
Otis & Carla - Knock on Wood
Shadows - Frightened City
Freddy Cannon - you Know
Ventures - El Cumbanchero
Tornadoes - The Scales of Justice
Bunker Hill - hide & Go Seek pt2
Dickie Goodman - Martian Melodies
D-Nice - Cherry Pie Love
Corpsickle - Proctologist of the Dead
Cause for Effect - Pulsar & Pluto
Broken Crayons - Wolves
Bury the Sound - What would one become
Andre Williams - I Don't Know Why
Cramps - I Ain't Nuthin But a Gorehound
Merle Travis - So Round So Firm So Fully Packed
UFO Encounters - Travis Walton excerpt
Cramps - Queen of Pain
Corpsickle - Zombie Island Massacre
Cause for Effect - Show me The Local
Broken Crayons - Coulda Beena
Toby Richardson - Golden Days
Ventures - Ghost Riders in the Sky

Phew....I got carpal Tunnel now.
Well, Grindhead records makes it's debut on the show with gents Roadside Burial & Corpsickle, You will be treated to more brains & guts in the future! Aside from the gore, It was a lot more 45's this week, some I had only played a show or two ago but dammit "El Cumbanchero is cool"......speaking of cool...........

Now here's something truly special. Observing the raw data, I don't get as many people checking out my sharity nowadays (I'm also no longer sharing X-rated 8-tracks.....connection?) but those who do stop by will appreciate this. An Italian instrumental group I know absolutely nothing about. I've played a few of these tracks on my show but I've forgotten how great the entire record is!
So if you know anything of these guys or understand Italian, enlighten me!
I've included (somewhat shoddy) scans of the front & back of the LP as well as the labels.
Another thing of note, the label on the record itself flips opposite the a & b side tracks, I ordered the tracks as printed on the cover and the run-off in the vinyl.
This really is a fantastic recording, is it their only one? Did the members go on to bright musical futures? Where can I find a guitar that looks like that?
See now you gotta download it!



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