Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Show #65

Far-Gone Accumulator/August 28, 2007
Slayer - Hell Awaits
Gum - Gun in a Black Hole
Wayne Harris - Hopeless
Hiptones - Devil's Got a Hold on Me
Sandy Nelson - Tough Beat
Challengers - Our Man Flint
Warren Smith - Uranium Rock
A.M.P. - AMP Army
Funny you Should Say That - The Old Age/Youth Rebellion
DJ Kulture - Everybody Get Up
Upwards of Endtime - Defender
Social Chaos - Lucros Sujos
Link Wray - Jack The Ripper (live)
My Majestic Star - Coffee Stains & Beer
Von Bondies - Cass & henry
My Majestic Star - Fining
Azteks - Move
Runabouts - When I Get The Blues
Atlantics - Whitewash
Tampa Red - Let Me Play With Your Poodle
Fugs - Children of the Dream
Fresh Fruit Records - Leave The Past Behind
Full Force - Unselfish Lover
Fu Manchu - Orbiter
Hiptones - Right Now
Slow Dancing Society - Be There
Los Apson - El Hombre Frio
My Majestic Star - Loose Mind Tired Eyes
Painted Ship - I Told Those Little White Lies
Red Beard & The Pirates - Go On Leave
Gene Vincent - Cat Man
Crystals - The Screw
Ziggens - Goin' Richter
Upwards of Endtime - Great Goat God
Gum - Suffocated By My Life
Subcut - Anti-Fascista
Slayer - Kill Again
Wayne Harris - Fair Weather & Plimsoul Line
Chantays - Killer Dana
Tampa Red - What is That Tastes Like Gravy

MMMmmm Gravy.......
AAAhhhhhh Gum.......
EEwwwwww Fugs......

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