Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Show #59

Far-Gone Accumulator/July 18, 2007
Listen Here!!! --- 07-18-07.mp3 ---
Archagathus - Fuckin Ebola
Operacion Alboroto - Parasitos
CSR - Serpents Sleep
Bandanos - Justica da Rua
Moongoat - For Drawing Toxins
Fu Manchu - the Falcon Has Landed
3 Aces & A Joker - Booze Party
Sparklers 4 - Stanleyville Stomp
Instrumentals - Chop Suey Rock
George Abdo - Raks Al-Kheeyam
Brook Benton - Frankie & Johnny
Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara - Divorce NY style
Bhundu Boys - Kuruj a Chete
Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave (live w/Dio)
Kin of Ettins - Waking Memory
Archagathus - Injected with Syphilis
Atomic 7 - Day of the Deadbeats
The Hero Cycle - Breathing In
De La Soul - Me Myself & i
Moongoat - I Love Chocolate Cockroaches
The 5,6,7,8's - I walk Like Jayne Mansfield
Hidden Strength - Hustle on up Do the Bump (instr.)
Phil Harris & his Orchestra - 44 Sycamore
Bop Cats - One Hand Loose
Boss - Niggaz is Dyin' (instr.)
David Bowie - John, I'm Only Dancing
James Brown - Oh Baby, Don't You Weep
Unfortunaut - URSA
Archagathus - Real Fancy
Moongoat - Anoint My Lips with Powder
Bandanos - Oscar De Melhor ator
Billy Strange - James Bond theme
Red Tops - Mustard
Henry Mancini - A Shot In The Dark
Rhythm Kings - Muj
Sons of the Pioneers -Cool Water
Operacion Alboroto -Crisis
Archagathus - Russian Roulette (rot)
Fu Manchu - Neptune's Convoy
Moongoat - ... & Let Go
Atomic 7 - Theme from Atomic 7
De La Soul - Plug Tunin'
The Knights - Straightaway
Freddie & The Hitch-hikers - Sinners

Absolutely crushing stuff this week! Music from Archaguthus, Bandanos both on the Bucho Discos label out of Brazil! More from that label in the coming weeks!

Also more tunes from Hidden Shoal music!

As usual, a good mix of the heavy & rockin' plus a few surprises. I can't say it enough, thanks to yo for listening & making the show a success!

Far-Gone Accumulator can be heard Tuesday evenings from 12-3am CST on 91.3fm CJTR, or on the web.