Saturday, July 07, 2007

Show #58

Listen Here! --- 07-11-07.mp3 ---
Far-Gone Accumulator/July 11, 2007
Lucia Pamela - In the Year 2000
Alberto The Musicbox - Egal
Capt. Barley - God a Knock
Kin of Ettins - Folkvang
Ward Darby & The Raves - Safari
Calvin Cool - El Tecolote
Cindells - Don't Bring Me Down
Boots Brown - Cerveza
Raindrops - Hanky Panky
AC/DC - What's Next to the Moon
Marvellettes - As Long As I Know He's Mine
Aerobic Celebration - Angels
Alta Tension - Caramelitos de Cafe
Andrews Sisters - Aorta
Apollo 11 - transcription excerpt
Art & Paul - There's A Hole in The Bucket Mariah
Atomic Rooster - A Little Bit of Inner Air
Unfortunaut - Basil & Ginger
Sunn O))) - Bow 1
Academy of Funk - Wake
Kin of Ettins - Forest of Sunlight
Ricky Nelson - Love Me
Conny & The Bellhops - Bop Sticks
Diamonds - The Stroll
Carolyn LeNoir - Shanty Town
Sonics - Walkin' the Dog
Avalanche - Overnite Sensation
Jaques Aylestock - Mon p'tit Papa
Joyce Grenfell - Matilda
Baker Gurvitz Army - The Hustler
Buju Banton - Deportees (So back Haul up mix)
Sandy Baron - 1st Car
Jeff Beck - Shapes of Things
Cathedral - Soul Sacrifice
Boris - Giddiness Throne/Evil Wave Form
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet - Dim the Lights, Chill The Ham
Sam Chalpin - Bang Bang
Academy of Funk - One for Jimmy
Kin of Ettins - Falcon Skies
Unfortunaut - Lunarover
Tommy "Jim" Beam & The Four Fifths - Golden Boy
Rock-A-Fellas - Night Party
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet - Reids Situation
Sam Sacks - Ol' Man River
John Ryan - she Tried it last night


I must be doing something right because the show has just been expanded to three mind-numbing hours! Big thanks to those listening over the past year & a bit & big thanks to the artists old & new for making the show what it is!

Far-Gone Accumulator can be heard Tuesday evenings from 12-3am CST on 91.3fm CJTR, or on the web.