Sunday, July 01, 2007

Show #57/Asian LP's!

Listen here! --- 07-04-07.mp3 ---

Far-Gone Accumulator/July 4, 2007
Napoleon XIV - Marching Off To Bedlam
Duane Eddy - Detour
Academy of Funk - Deaf Jam
The Cubicle - Ratty
Nirvana - Spank Through (live)
Alabama Thunder Pussy - Motor-Ready
Charlie Feathers - Runnin' Around
The Hero Cycle - Lover's Crime
Astroqueen - Serve The Sun
Wes Willenbring - Resuscitate
Academy of Funk - Stay the Same
Jerry Byrd - Hi-lo Steel Guitar
Deja Voodoo - Chese & Crackers
Elvis Presley - Baby What Do You Want Me To Do ('68 Comeback)
Broken Crayons - Underdog
Enargeia - Werner Von Braun in Memoriam
Wes Willenbring - Reverie
Academy of Funk - La Voyage
Bob Calloway - Native
Andre Williams - I'm Movin' On
The Cubicle - Would Be Lovers
Bob Marley - Dancing Shoes
Academy of Funk - The Last Stand
Public Enemy - B-Side Wins Again
Broken Crayons - Flawed
Public enemy - Final Count of The Collision Between Us & the Damned
Collins Kids - Hurricane

Brand new music from academy of funk this week. As of yesterday the band is offering their new album "Sui Generis" as a free download off their web-site!

So "Far-Gone Accumulator" is now a year old, I must be doing something right & there's still tons of music & artists I haven't played yet. This is the first time i've played Nirvana & Bob Marley f'instance.
Continuing from last week was tracks by the Cubicle off "Great White Lie"

Also, Wes Willenbring, the Hero Cycle & Enargeia off Hidden Shoal. More in the coming weeks!

And now for something completely related......

Now here's a full cd's worth of my favourite tracks off my Asian Lp's!

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Many have been previously shared, several have not. Again, since they're not in english I'm unable to give song titles & artist. You'll dig these tracks I'm sure!

OH MAN there's more! It's my day on the 365days project!

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