Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Show #56

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Nan Blakstone's rare risque adult party 78's still available! --- blakstone.rar ---

Far-Gone Accumulator/June 27, 2007

Black Sabbath - Neon Knights (live w/Dio)

Upwards of Endtime - Wish it all away

Motorhead - Love Me Like A Reptile

Broken Crayons - Hail to The Chief

Wes Willenbring - In A Quiet Dark Room

Wes Dakus - hobo

John Barry - Beat Girl Theme

Red Prysock - Pog Wog

Trihedral - Beatbox

Nigger C - Gal Nuh Fren Yu Mate

The Cubical - Great White Lie

Wes Willenbring - Correspondence

Jonah Jones - undecided

John Barry - I Did What You Told Me

Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - Do Your Thing

Dale Hawkins - Susie Q

John Barry - Car Chase

Wes Willenbring - Sometimes

Cubical - Bended Knee

Enargeia - On The Exopolitics of nuclear Armegeddon

Cubical - Leave if you must

Wes Dakus - Sour Biscuits

Red Prysock - Lion's Den

John Barry - Chicken

Gene Vincent - Blues Stay away from Me

Black Sabbath - War Pigs (live w/Dio)

Upwards of Endtime - Dead to Me

Cubicle - Poison Pen

The Hero Cycle - A New Love for Lakes & Ponds

Broken Crayons - Hail to The Chief (live)

Wes Willenbring - Lost illusions

Watts 13rd Street Rhythm Band - Phuncky Bill

New music this week! Artists on hidden Shoal Recordings! Expect more in upcoming shows!

Also, new tunes from The Cubical on Record Collection! Luvvers of Beefheart & Nick Cave will eat it up Yum Yum!

Oh yeah, new releases of old material from both Black Sabbath & Wes Dakus!

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