Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Show #54

Far-Gone Accumulator/June 13, 2007
Stud Cole - Burn Baby Burn
Nightstalkers - Cheap Thrills
Mortals - I Want More
Los Mas Turbados - Lullaby
Ravi Shankar - Genesis Theme
Jim Radi & His Sidekicks - Motivation
Rock-A-Bouts - She's A Fat Girl
Beep Beep & The Roadrunners - Shiftin' Gears
Wayne Cochran - The Coo
Les Index - Presque Fou
Brain Washing Machine - Turn & Shake
Chachi on Acid - Spring Beasts of Death
Los Mas Turbados - Estado De Histeria
Abdullah - Earth's Answer
Corrosion of Conformity - Broken Man
Qi Gong - Aus Der Ferne
Les Atomes - Pauvre Fou
Pygmies - Don't Mess With Tarzan
Statesmen - Rampage
Nightstalkers- The Rotten
Bobby Roberts - She's My Woman
EPMD - Intro
Art of Noise - Legacy
St. Louis Symphony Orch. - Symphony Number 2, Mahler
Acid King - Silent Circle
Mortals - World Turns On
Chachi on Acid - The Moment We Meet
Stud Cole - the Witch
B. Brock & The Vibratos - Fright
Howlin' Wolf - Moanin' at Midnight
hollywoods - Scramble
Yellow Jackets - Chickee Town Rock
Les Chantels - Have You Ever Felt Blue
John Lee hooker - Black Cat Blues
Walt Lawrence & The Crescents - Cascade
Bobby Roberts - Big Sandy

Burn Baby Burn!!! Absolute insanity from unknown Stud Cole. Absolutly menacing and absolutly cool. More Heaviness from Italy's Brain Washing Machine plus Acid King, COC & Abdullah. A ton of instumental treats makin' this show the talk of the town!

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