Thursday, November 01, 2007

Show #74

Far-Gone Accumulator/October 31st, 2007
Listen here --- 10-31-07.mp3 ---
Tarantula Ghoul - Graveyard Rock
Trailer - Ghoul in the Invisible Bikini
Bobby Bare - Vampira
Trailer - Graveyard Tramps
Jupiter Jones - The Spook Spoke
Trailer - Dr. Jekyll Sister Hyde
Kenny & The Fiends - House on Haunted Hill
Ralph Marterie - Hitchcock Theme
Modernaires - The Rockin' Ghost
Egors - Opening the Coffin
Bruce Haack - Witche's Vacation
Zacherle - Monster Mash
Mad Doctor - Teen-age Brain Surgeon
Vincent Price - Blood Bath pt.1
Fiend-ager - Monster Movie Ball
Abominable Surfmen - Monster Surfer
Trailer - Return of Count Yorga
Bob McFadden - I Dig You Baby
Theme - Milton the Monster Show
Albert DeSalvo - Strangler in the Night
Glen Ryle - Wolf Call
Buddy Morrow - The Raven
Jimmy Cross - I Want My Baby Back
Bob Rosengarden - Satan Takes a Holiday
Sounds of Terror - Exorcism
Marty Manning - Night on Bald Mountain
Al Zanino - The Vampire Speaks
Crewnecks - Rockin Zombie
Halloween FX - Woman Screaming
Bobby jones - Surfer Smash
Halloween FX - Spooky Piano
Winchell's Donut House - Halloween Record
Monster Mash Party - Bobby Boris Pickett
Vincent Price - Blood Bath pt.2
Dracula & Vampira - Tammy
Billy DeMarcus - Drac's Back
Trailer - Vampire Playgirls
Creatures - Mostly Ghostly
Trailer - Mind of Mr. Soanes
CroMagnons - Monster Twist
Audio clips - Bride of Frankenstein/Young Frankenstein
Zanies - Mad Scientist
Louise Heubner - Orgies a Tool of Witchcraft
Cool Ghoul - You Can't Ghoul Me
Don Hinson - Riboflavin Flavoured....
Detergents - Igor's Cellar
Griz Green - Jam atThe Mortuary
Halloween FX - Screams
Hap Palmer - Haunted House
Halloween FX - Haunted House
Sounds of Terror - Burned at the Stake
Mann Drake - Vampire's Ball
Trailer - Monsters Crash the Pyjama Party
Hamburger Bros. - Omar the Vampire
Trailer - Brain Eaters
Criswell - Someone Walked over my Grave

Let me recommend Instead of listening to the show at a low bitrate......
Let me give major props to Otis Fodder.
Most of tonights' tunes came from his compilation effort "Ghouls with Attitude" & can be downloaded here for you to enjoy!

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