Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Show #78/Rhythm and Blues in the Night

Far-Gone Accumulator/November, 28th, 2007
Listen Here! --- 11-28-07.mp3 ---
Trouble - Psalm 9
Ryan J Boyd - Sacred Power
Paul Cary - Ghost of A Man
Arkadia - River of Lament
Harry Partch - The Bewitched pt.1
Jerry Byrd - Hawaiian wedding song
Mamas & the Papas - Dedicated to The One I Love
Nathaniel Mayer - Doin' It
Ray Sateriale Orch. - Peter Gunn Theme
Jim Nesbitt - Tiger In My Tank
Jimi Hendrix Experience - You Got Me Floatin'
Peanut Butter Wolf w/ Arabian Prince - Professor X Saga
Lobotomia - Politica Sionista
Marie Sioux - Bravitzlana Rubakalva
Ryan J Boyd - Bliss
Paul Cary - Come & Take Me Away
The Coasters - The Slime
Surf Report - Exotic
Parisians - Ambush
Pollo Del Mar - Apache '99
Huntington Cads - El Cordobes
Surf Report - Freakaholic
Ventures - Wild Action
Trouble - The Tempter
New Birth - Gotta Get A Knutt
Spur Records - 8x10
Trio Los Panchos - Ce Guera De Amour
Harry Partch - The Bewitched pt2
Marie Sioux - Two Tongues
Lobotomia - So Os Mortos Nao Reclamam
Paul Cary - Yes Machine
The 5,6,7,8's - Typhoon girl
Treble Spankers - The Good The Bad & The Ugly
Ryan J Boyd - Journey out of Darkness
Arkadia - Mia Fora Kai Na Kero
Paul Cary - Bad People
Jerry Byrd - Bird of Paradise

More great music as usual, This night we hear from Marie Sioux, Ryan J Boyd & Paul Cary. Check out Paul's page here!
OK, a ways back you may remember I posted a "mystery" blues 10inch that I found with no credited artists on it. Well recently I found a 12inch LP with the exact same songs plus six more! Surely it would have full musical credits? Not really! The record is "Rhythm and Blues in the Night" with a very lovely caucasian gal on the front & little info otherwise. Connie Bennett, Bill Smythe & the Harlem-Aires are mentioned but nobody else! Oh well enjoy it!


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