Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Show #76

Far-Gone Accumulator/November 14, 2007
Flower Travellin' Band - Satori I
End of Level Boss - Vivid
Roncsipar - Can I Do
Wiser Time - Rock 'n' Roll
Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
Mad Plaids - Blood Rare
Cyclones - Take Off
Wailers - Snake Pit
Senators - Loretta
Paul & The Four Most - Tight Spot
Mrs. Miller - Downtown
Johnny Pepper - Messin With The Kid
Tiny Bradshaw - Heavy Juice
Mary Wells - Oh Little Boy
Annette - Draggin' U.S.A.
Music Explosion - What Did I Do....
Material - Upriver
Music Improvisation Company - Packaged Eel
Wiser Time - Crumbling Down
Roncsipar - Kibera
Nina Simone - Come Ye
Charlie Parker - Oh Lady Be Good
Sonics - Psycho
Mickey Lee Lane - Hey Sah Loh ney
Emmanual Laskey - Wlfare Cheese
Roy Mykytshyn - Homebrew
Steve Clayton & Gail Contini - I've Got The Giggles
Hank Mizell - Ain't Got A Thing
Clyde McCoy - Swamp Fire
David Geddes - Run Joey Run
Leonard MacClain - Intermezzo
EOLB - Hedonophobia
Wiser Time - 10 Years
Offramps - Riding Fences
Nina Simone - Be My Husband
Horton Heat - Real Gone Lover
The Tabs - The Wallop
Hitch hikers - Dog Fight
The Four Holidays - Grandma Bird
Pancho Villa & The Bandits - Ain't That Bad
Flower Travellin' Band - Satori II
Wiser Time - Millington Station
Offramps - Impulse Buy
King Cotton & his Cane Cutters - It Ain't The meat....
Bandidos - Bandido
Don Gardner - My Baby Likes to Boogaloo

New music from Jersey's Wiser Time Tonight, just coming up soon on the release of their new album. More Heavy stuff from Exile on Mainstream's End of Level Boss and Grindhead's Roncsipar. New music (to me) from Flower Travellin' Band. I just picked up this ltd edition disc of their one & only album "Satori" on Phoenix records & have been playing it a lot, a bit Sabbathy some Pink Floyd & Can.

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