Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Show #73/The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra

Far-Gone Accumulator/October 24, 2007

Listen Here! --- 10-24-07.mp3 ---

DYSE - Underlayadisk
Iretsu - Funnel
Aaron Ross - Pass The Peace Pipe
Lento - Need
Rhythm Rockers - Maddness
UK Gold - Coz the house Gets Warm
Spike Jones - Cherry Pink
Budd Johnson - Destination Blues
Aaron Ross - Mama Lonely Wolf
The Panderers - Casino Valet
Lento - Subterrestrial
Nat Couty - Woodpecker Rock
Lento - Currents
Les Intrigantes - Faut Savoir
Terry Dunavan - Earthquake Boogie
Diana & The Rockatones - Rock 'n' Roll Stole Your Soul
Flower Children - Miniskirt Blues
John Williams - Jaws, Main Title
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - Deep Meditation
Upwards of Endtime - The Burning
Aaron Ross - Elevator Blues
Chris Mason - The Safety Day
Lento - Emersion of The Islands
Blues Rockers - Calling All Cows
Wanda Jackson - Mean Mean Man
Upwards of Endtime - Signs
DYSE - Wolke
Panderers - Hey Sheila
Aaron Ross - Looking Glass Mass
Fats Waller - I Can't Give You Anything But Love
NU music, Aaron Ross & Lento plus more from Chris Mason & Iretsu! More great nOO tunes the week after next!!!
& now here's The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra's "Organic"

Far-Gone Accumulator can be heard Tuesday evenings from 12-3am CST on 91.3fm CJTR, or on the web.