Sunday, September 30, 2007

Show #70

Far-Gone Accumulator/October 3rd, 2007
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Bloodshot Bill - I'll Know
El Capitan - Happy All The Time
Sean Ryder Williams - Crazy Love
Ryan J Boyd - Strange Lights Appear
Evoken - Withering Indignation
Oblivians - Christina
Softball - Bright
Angry Samoans - Gimme Sopor
Crazy Rhytm Daddies
Hustlers - Inertia
Kraftwerk - Autobahn
El Capitan - Black Ice
Sean Ryder Williams - Give My Blues Away
Calf Protection - Cleavage
Ryan J Boyd - Machines Compute Joy With Gravy
Guitar Wolf - Loverock
Immortal Lee County Killers - OOO Wee
Rumblers - Surf Rat
Rowdymen - The Old Hereafter
Blazers - Bangalore
Attic Daddy - Rule That Roost
Andrew Rudin - Ate
Mighty Sparrow - The Village Ram
Evoken - Tending The Dire Hatred
Mountain - Never In My Life
El Capitan - Wait On Me
Ryan J Boyd - The First Astronaut Eventually...
Calf Protection - Donnie's Intent
Oblivians - Trouble
Guitar Wolf - Jet13
Angry Samoans - Hot Cars
Nevegans - Surfbound
Rosekill - My Bloody alentine
Pastel Six - Twitchin
Bloodshot Bill - Hangin Me Tonight
El Capitan - 17 Year old Cicada
Sean Ryder Williams - Love is Fading
Ryan j Boyd - More Goofy Astronauts Colonize
Softball - Status
Immortal Lee County Killers - Won't Cook Fish

New Neu! New musics fom Bloodshot Bill, El Capitan, Sean Ryder Wilson & Ryan j Boyd's "moon landing versus the eli cotton computers".

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