Thursday, September 13, 2007

Show #67

Far-Gone Accumulator/September 12, 2007
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Strange Rebel Frequency - Ali
Muthurlode - Futile
Lee Bob Watson - Landfill
Smokin 45's - Another Man
Lee Bob Watson - Living in the Past
Smokin' 45's - Small doses
Beaver - Tarmac
Pierre Henry - Wrathful Deities
Hellbenders - Today We Kill, Tomorrow we Die
Funkdoobiest - I'm Flippin' On 'em
Fatima Mansions - Blues for Ceausesceu
Opal - Hoover Groover
Roberta Flack - Angelitos Negros
Sabazius - Terror Is Thy Name
Strange Rebel Frequency - Against The Grain
Kenny G - Pastel
Jacob Druckman - Animus I
Gamma - Soup On D'Table
Muthurlode - Hate Me
Lee Bob Watson - How Can You Be So Sure of Yourself?
Smokin' 45's - Hangover Road Trip
Strange Rebel Frequency - Stay
Smokin' 45's - Freight Train Blues
Hellbenders - Winchester Justice
Billy Cotton & His Band - I've Gone & Lost My Little Yo-yo
Barbara Pittman - I'm Getting Better All The Time
George Formby - With My Little Ukelele in My Hand
Jitterettes - There'll Be A Little Smokio In Tokio
Mae West - The Man That Takes His Time
Hal Blaine - Love-In
Lee Bob Watson - A Stranger To Myself
Smokin' 45's - You Got A Way
Strange Rebel Frequency - City of Angels
Big Elf - Salvation
Pierre Henry - After Death

AAAaaHHH!!!! there's that Sabazius track again Killer!

Brand new newly available music tonight from Grass Roots Record Co.'s Lee Bob Watson & Silenced's Strange Rebel Frequency, Excellent Stuff & more will be played next week!

Check out Lee here!
Peek at SRF here now!

A few naughty 78's thrown in for ya there toooo!

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