Thursday, September 30, 2010

Show #215

September 28th, 2010
asian pop (what abots did my mother?) - b-3
chab, moose jaw
asian pop (what abots did my mother) - a-4
cherry wainer - leichte kavallerie
spade nielson - chick a mou man
deja voodoo - gotta have money
gbh - limp wristed
girlschool - the hunter
led zeppelin - let's have a party, i can't quit you (liverpool, jan. 14th 1973)
david gilmour - mihalis
gbh - future fugitive
deja voodoo - take out the trash
sonny lester - the cad of baghdad
spade nielson - country a go-go
albert king - cadillac assembly line
cfls, weyburn
cherry wainer - schlittschuhlaufer
little richard -the girl can't help it
millionaires - arkansas jane
steve alaimo - she's my baby
yardbirds - putty (in your hands)
coasters - 3 cool cats
shades of night - fluctuation
forbidden dimension - operacion 69
captain beefheart - frownland
raymond scott - cindy electronium
pure human music - it's roca craze
prince jazzbo - i bust it in the name of jah
slugabed - pressure
misfits - some kinda hate
kyuss - one inch man, hurricane
sunn o))) - alice
captain beefheart - the dust blows forward, the dust blows back
yardbirds - i ain't got you
combustable edison - a shot in the dark
triumphs - surfside date
flamingos - jump children
al garris - that's all
lavern baker - jim dandy
miklos grabocz - it's raining, quietly drizzling/i told you so, wife/good heavens, my shirt/i love you not because of that
victor jara - questions about puerto montt
O e Y N " )