Monday, September 20, 2010

Show #214

September 21st, 2010
lil marcy - i tuned in on heaven
house of knives - death museum
kv mahadevan - bheekaramou sri ramabanam
ti-gus - les boutons d'culotte
johnny cash - doin' my time
the clash - hateful
syrinx - tumblers to the vault
iron butterfly - slower than guns
ac/dc - meanstreak, kissin' dynamite
iron butterfly - easy rider
syrinx - syren
rick james - high on your love suite
ahmad jamal - aki & ukthay
ti-gus - naissance et romance
kv mahadevan - sri yuthamou sri ramapadam
mongols - sleepwalk
lil marcy - wake up
cozy cole's big seven - caravan pt1
bob gaddy - no help wanted
lil millet & his creoles - rich woman
sidney "guitar crusher" shelby - i got to know
bill swing - messed up
johnny chef - can't stop movin'
kid thomas - rockin' this joint tonite
trinity - give a helping hand
dubkinetik - self-destruct
winter - into darkness
clara rockmore - valse sentimentale
rahat nusrat fateh ali khan - i have been afflicted by separation
buddy johnson - walk the chalk line
jimmy strange - yas yas yas
lindsey powers - jump the gun
bo diddley - bo diddley
big three trio - after awhile
sonny warner w/big jay mcneely - psycho serenade
serge garant - plages
peter schickele - beethoven's 5th (new horizons in musical appreciation)
O e Y N " )