Saturday, September 18, 2010

Show #213

September 14th, 2010

duane eddy - the fuzzy twist
chang siao ying - a-2
big luke sykes - sugar bowl stomp
al plunkett - o gee o gosh o golly
allan kelly - le petite moine
box tops - break my mind
joe hunter - the waltz you saved for me
black sabbath - hole in the sky
boris - huge, hama
black sabbath - symptom of the universe
john williams - jaws theme
hank karr - phantom of the arctic
star bennett - my word
bobby jaspar - struttin with some barbeque
angelo dornan - pretty susan
joe hunter - gold mine in the sky
chang siao ying - a-2nd last
duane eddy - hard times twist
allen page - sugar tree
aggie dukes - john john
frankie lee sims - she likes to boogie real low
little julian herrera - true fine mama\
victoria spivey & red allen's orch. - how do they do it that way
mojo watson - look a there
wade curtiss & the rhythm kings - puddy cat
charles dodge - he destroyed her image
king tubby - roots of dub
seven - saturn
ac/dc - for those about to rock, we salute you, evil walks
guild of destruction - suffering the beast
philip glass - mata grosso
daltones - bowlegged annie
barons - samurai
frank dalton - cruised
georgia white - if i can't sell it, i'll keep sittin on it before i give it away
silhouettes - miss thing
cadets - stranded in the jungle
elvis - change of habit
rex de la torre - leyenda

O e Y N " )