Saturday, March 06, 2010

Show #195

April 20th, 2010
don ralke - voodoo priestess
huevos rancheros - rockin' lafayette
hank williams - you're gonna change or i'm gonna leave
joe hunter - follow the gleam
d.o.a. - liar for hire
todd rundgren - sometimes i don't know what to feel
aorta - thoughts and feelings
syrinx - syren
earth - dissolution 3
ringo hour 24 side 1 seg1
huevos rancheros - gump worsley's lament
ringo hour 24 side 1 seg2
los relampagos - danza del fuego
joe therrien jr - wheels
arch hal jr. - konga joe
roguw wave - nourishment nation
bo diddley - lookin' for a woman
king tubby - a 1st class dub
pangaea - dead living
david pritchard - yellow stickers*, thunderpeat *
merzbow - quiet men
busy bee - making cash money
sly williams - boot hill
icarus line - party the baby off
versatones - bila
bobby fuller four - i fought the law
andrews sisters - a bushel and a peck
and the fare keeps going up - the taxi
*as listed on the cd, however these were in fact remixes of "An Admission of Guilt". I applaud the folks at Pacemaker for releasing this, but man I haven't seen an album this screwed up that wasn't a bootleg. Still, it's worth tracking down simply for the songs & background info, just find an old vinyl copy for reference......also, it's "Thunderpeal".
( O e Y N " )